If you're interested in connecting your home or workshop to a WIZwireless plan, head on over to CompareBear and find deals that best match to your requirements.

Why choose WIZwireless rural broadband?

WIZwireless is 100% owned and operated by Kiwis. You can trust that they can relate to any of your broadband concerns and find the easiest ways to resolve them immediately.

A big part of their goals is to give homes, businesses, workshops, and farmlands the opportunity to have a seamless internet connection. This way, more Kiwis can keep up digitally, access online banking, and work from home with ease.

What is Air Fibre?

WIZwireless’ “Air Fibre” allows Kiwis to go online with a fibre-like connection. This offers faster speeds for as low as $59. Get fast internet and enjoy long hours online whenever you want!

Can I use mobile on WIZwireless plan?

You can use WIZwireless network if you have a Vodafone mobile plan and a Sure Signal hardware from Vodafone Masterton. They transfer your landline to VoIP service with 2Talk, which you can request upon sign up. Enjoy this service with no additional charges.

Can I stream sports with WIZwireless rural broadband?

Enjoy Rugby live and other shows with WIZwireless as long as you have sufficient data. Conduct a broadband speed test here at CompareBear to know if your internet speeds are stable enough for continuous streaming.

How do I install WIZwireless in my area?

Before getting a plan with WIZwireless, confirm if they can install broadband in your location. Upon confirmation, you can contact them at (06) 370 9210 and register.

For a comprehensive list of wireless plans available in your location, visit CompareBear and find the best deal that suits your preferences!