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Spark are one of the largest broadband providers in New Zealand. Established in the 90s, they have been one of the most popular go-tos for Kiwis wanting to connect online.

The main anchor for the success of Spark NZ is their mission to help Kiwis make the most out of their digital life - and it’s been their driving force ever since. This is why their internet plans have ADSL, VDSL and fibre options; so they can cater to every type of consumer who needs a reliable broadband connection.

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Why signup with Spark?

Want to get big perks and discounts from your broadband provider? Spark’s internet plans have a wide range of benefits, which are enjoyed daily by their loyal customers.

As Spark NZ also provide mobile and entertainment, you can get a deal-saving bundle if you purchase a broadband and mobile plan together. This includes Spotify Premium and prepaid options; perfect for those who don’t want complicated billings, as you can get all these services in one bill.

Is Spark the best provider for you?

Looking for a plan that can cater exactly to what you need? Spark NZ have an extensive range of plans to match every Kiwis’ needs, wherever they are.

If you live in the bustling urban centres like Auckland and Wellington, you can take advantage of their fibre and no-frills naked broadband plans. If you live rurally, you can purchase one of Spark’s rural broadband plans, which are guaranteed to be reliable, as they’re part of the RBI.

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Fibre broadband plans

Connecting to fast and reliable broadband is made quick and easy with Spark’s fibre broadband plans. Although some places may not have fibre available just yet, Spark NZ - together with the government - are rolling out more fibre infrastructures throughout the country for wider and better coverage.

No-contract broadband plans

Flexibility means a lot to Kiwis these days, so most prefer a no-contract broadband plan. Spark NZ lets you be free with your broadband, as they won’t bombard you with cancellation fees if you’re not happy with their service and decide to leave.

Naked broadband plans

Going naked in your broadband plan means you’ll get an internet connection without a landline. This is perfect for those who live the modern lifestyle, and don’t want to be tied up with wired home lines.

Rural broadband plans

Living in the wop wops? Spark NZ have rural broadband plans for those outside the reach of the cabinet. With plans starting at $83.47 per month, you can have the option to add landline or upscale your connection too.

Landline broadband plans

Landlines might be less popular in New Zealand these days, but they’re still useful for some Kiwis. Spark’s internet plans give you the option to easily add this to your broadband connection. Starting at $50 per month for a standard landline plan, you can also get add-ons for unlimited calls in New Zealand and Australia.

Unlimited broadband plans

If you live in a large household where everyone uses the internet frequently, Slingshot’s internet plans come with an unlimited data cap to solve this. You won’t ever have to worry about running out of internet bandwidth at the end of the month, since you’ll have a limitless supply of it.

Spark FAQ

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Spark’s internet plans offer great value for your money. With plans starting at $65 per month, you can get the most reliable speeds in New Zealand, as well as enjoy all their perks and benefits.

Unfortunately, you can’t get a landline connection with a fibre or wireless broadband plan. If you see a landline as a necessity, it’s best to opt for a copper connections with Spark. They might not provide speeds as fast as fibre, but they aren’t a bad deal either.