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Stuff Fibre are the go-to company for connecting to fibre in New Zealand. As their company name suggests, they aim to be the best fibre provider for Kiwis throughout New Zealand.

On top of providing some of the best fibre speeds in NZ, Stuff Fibre’s internet plans also come with unlimited data, no fixed-term contracts and great local customer service. Plus, they provide customers with high-quality routers at no additional cost!

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Why signup with Stuff Fibre?

Are you tired of your internet lagging all the time? Stuff Fibre NZ have innovative fibre broadband technology, which contributes to a faster, lagless internet experience.

Stuff Fibre are committed to providing their loyal customers with not only fast broadband, but with great service too. If you call them, they won’t bounce you around to different departments trying to solve your concerns - in fact, they’ll call you back when it suits you best.

Is Stuff Fibre the best provider for you?

If there’s a fibre connection already installed in your area, it’s best to switch to a trusted fibre broadband provider like Stuff Fibre.

If you live in a large flat or household, you won’t need to worry about the speed of your internet with Stuff Fibre. You’ll be able to easily stream, play and work from multiple devices all at the same time!

Stuff Fibre Broadband NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Fibre broadband plans

Stuff Fibre only offers fibre broadband, as this is their specialty. This allows them to really focus on providing faster and more reliable internet than ADSL or VDSL. They even have a “boost” option, which gives you download speeds of up to 950Mbps.

No contract broadband plans

If you’re always on the go, a strings-attached commitment like a fixed-term plan is likely not for you. This is why Stuff Fibre NZ gives you the option to have a no contract broadband plan. While you might miss out on some exclusive discounts and deals, the flexibility that you have can be worth the trade off.

Naked broadband plans

Stuff Fibre’s internet plans are only available “naked” - aka, without a landline. This is because they know not many people want a landline in their home broadband, as it’s fast becoming old technology.

Unlimited broadband plans

Why deal with a data cap when you can have unlimited high-speed internet? Stuff Fibre’s internet plans all come unlimited, so you can enjoy this high-quality fibre internet all you want. You won’t have to worry about your internet running short at the end of the month ever again!

Landline broadband plans

Instead of a home landline, Stuff Fibre NZ can provide a “Voice App”. The app turns your mobile phone into a landline. It works by connecting your mobile to the internet, allowing you to make unlimited national calls.

Stuff Fibre FAQ

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Their prices are quite cheap compared to other fibre providers in New Zealand! Stuff Fibre’s internet plans start at $79.95, and go up to $104.95 (excluding add-ons), depending on what your internet needs are.

Nope! Stuff Fibre only has fibre options, because it’s faster and more reliable. This means that they can set their sole focus on improving their fibre services to maximise your experience.

If you sign up with any of Stuff Fibre’s internet plans, you’ll be given a high-quality gigabit router! This router has the technology to enhance reception, so you can have faster and more reliable internet. This is perfect for gamers, streamers, or even casual consumers who don’t want lag.