tpnet or is among NZ’s independent telecommunications providers, offering smart and innovative broadband services in Nelson. They started multi-site fixed wireless networks in the South Island, reaching more Kiwis across the country. 

As the pioneer of broadband developments for rural homes, tpnet is no doubt a smart choice for your home and office internet. To learn more, visit Comparebear.

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Why choose tpnet NZ?

Tpnet’s fast and wireless broadband solutions aim to provide downtime-free internet and extra benefits to fully enjoy your browsing experience. They ensure that Kiwis — whether from the urban or rural communities — enjoy high-performance broadband anytime, anywhere.

What are the benefits of signing up with tpnet?

When you upgrade to tpnet, you’re rest assured of seamless internet connectivity within seconds. You will receive fast response and quality customer service if you encounter any broadband issue.

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Fast Forward Fibre

Looking forward to another movie night with family and friends? Enjoy non-stop streaming with tpnet's Fast Forward Fibre With an average speed of up to 100Mbps! For $95 a month, you can go online as long as you like without additional charges. Invite friends to long hours of calls or high-definition downloads without interruption.

Lightning Fast Wireless

Get fast internet speeds with tpnet's Lightning Fast Wireless. Rural users can now enjoy secure and reliable wireless connections, offering high-speed internet for work from home, social media, and occasional browsing! Choose a plan that suits your budget from $85 to $125 monthly.

Tpnet Wireless FAQs

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You're required to pay an installation fee of $100 per connection.

If you're subscribed to any Lightning Fast Wireless plan and need more data, you can make a request for additional data. Or, choose to switch to tpnet's Ultra wireless option with no monthly data cap and speeds of up to 50Mbps. It's a great choice for work, web surfing and movie streaming  anytime you want.

Yes. They have fibre and wireless plans for businesses that offer 100GB to unlimited monthly data. You may also ask for more data and voice IP upon request.

Yes. You can enjoy your favourite sports game when you're connected to any tpnet broadband plan with speeds between 50 to 100Mbps depending on your plan.