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Trustpower might primarily be known as a power company, but they have expanded their services to now include broadband too! If you want a provider that can bundle all of your utilities together at once, Trustpower are the company for you.

As Trustpower NZ are mainly a power provider, their main benefit is giving you the option to bundle your broadband, electricity, gas, and other services together in one bill. This is why several of their broadband plans are combined with their power services by default.

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Why signup with Trustpower?

Looking to declutter your utilities? Trustpower might just be the answer. Their bundle plans are some of the most comprehensive on the market, allowing for better monitoring of your utilities.

Unlike other broadband providers, the main reason why Kiwis would choose a Trustpower internet plan is their great bundles. You don’t have to worry about paying for your power and broadband separately again, as you can pay it all in one billing. Plus, Trustpower often have great deals for new customer sign-ups! You can enjoy great perks like free account credit and half-price broadband for your first year!

Is Trustpower the best provider for you?

Do you often struggle to keep track of and pay for all utilities every month? If the answer is yes, then Trustpower is the right provider for you.

Trustpower offer a simple solution if you’re struggling with multiple bills. Their streamlined and easy billing process is perfect for those busy with lives! With this process, you won’t have to hop from utility to utility; you’ll only need to deal with one.

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Fibre broadband plans

Although they started off as a power provider, Trustpower NZ have quickly expanded their services with their fibre broadband offerings. Their fibre plans include the option for standard fibre or ultra-fast fibre, so it’s easy to pick a plan to suit your needs.

Naked broadband plans

Another great thing about Trustpower’s internet plans is the option to go naked! By going naked, you won’t have to pay for a landline that you won’t likely use. If you don’t see the need for a home line, a naked broadband plan is your best choice.

Landline broadband plans

Landline broadband plans are also available with Trustpower. This is ideal for families who have elderly members, so they can communicate with ease. If you receive or place calls often, make sure to get a landline broadband plan.

Unlimited broadband plans

If you don’t want anything holding you back while using the internet, go for an unlimited broadband plan. Even if you’ve got multiple people using the internet in your home, you won’t have to worry about your bandwidth running out, as this broadband is limitless!

Trustpower FAQ

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Trustpower’s internet plans start at $84 a month. This is average pricing when compared to other New Zealand internet providers.

Absolutely! Trustpower offers a selection of fibre plans including standard and ultra-fast speed. These plans offer much faster speeds than an ADSL or VDSL broadband plan.

Sure… but if you have power with another provider, it isn’t very practical. If you only get a broadband with Trustpower, you’ll be missing out on the savings that you can get with their bundle deals.

Trustpower have a great customer service team who are there to handle any concerns or issues you may have promptly. Plus, they often have exclusive sign up deals for new customers, such as free account credit and half-price broadband for the first year!