Unlimited broadband plans

Are you finding yourself constantly running out of internet each month? If so, unlimited broadband may be the solution for you. Here at Compare Bear, we’re dedicated to finding you the best unlimited broadband deals that New Zealand has to offer. We compare the best unlimited broadband plans available from the leading broadband companies in the country - including Vodafone, Orcon, 2degrees and more.

Our comparison tool is extremely easy to use and is 100% free! Simply answer a few questions about your general internet usage, your current broadband provider and a few other questions to do with your living situation and based on that we’ll show you your best options available so that you can make an informed decision.

Why choose an unlimited broadband plan?

In this day and age, the internet plays such a significant role in all of our lives whether you’re a teenager or if you’re an adult. Many families are switching to an unlimited broadband plan because of this and it’s not hard to see why!

Having an unlimited broadband plan means you will no longer have to worry about your internet usage surpassing the cap that you’ve paid for and having to last the rest of the month on the slow dial-up internet. You can stream as many videos as you like, download at will and even game online as much as you’d like without any worries.

An unlimited broadband plan could be extremely useful for big families where because there is a large number of people using the internet at many times during the day, large amounts of broadband are consumed. It would mean that members of your family do not have to adjust their internet activities because they’re concerned that they’ll reach the cap of their broadband plan.

Compare unlimited broadband plans

Most broadband providers are now offering unlimited broadband plans due to the rising demand for unlimited internet. Therefore, it can be hard to find the best deal out of the bunch, as each pack comes with different features. Luckily, CompareBear is here to make that decision a little bit easier, as we show only the best broadband plans for you.

Cheapest unlimited broadband plans

While getting unlimited broadband is extremely beneficial, we understand that it may be quite pricey. With Compare Bear, finding the cheapest unlimited broadband plans in New Zealand has never been easier! Our comparison tool will allow you to compare prices with ease as we’ll show you deals side by side so that you can pick and choose which deal you like the most.

Fastest unlimited broadband plans

While having unlimited internet is great, you may also want to get unlimited broadband at fast speeds too, so that no one at home will experience any lags, buffering or slow loading times. Compare Bear will show you the fastest unlimited broadband plans that New Zealand has available by showing the speeds for each plan side by side.

Unlimited broadband providers

From Slingshot to Vodafone, we’ll show you deals from the top unlimited broadband providers in New Zealand. You get to compare deals from each provider and switch to them - for free! Use our comparison tool and get the best unlimited broadband deals out. Thousands of kiwis have already saved on their unlimited broadband bill so it’s your turn to do the same!

Compare unlimited Broadband Plans