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Unlimited internet allows limitless possibilities for what you can do online. There’s no data cap, which means no worries about your bandwidth running out!

Unlimited internet plans are very popular in New Zealand, as many have experienced the hassle of trying to budget capped bandwidth to last through the month. By going unlimited, you can stream, play, download, browse social media, and more, all at the same time!

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This type of broadband is ideal for large flats or households with many occupants. If everyone in the house used the internet at the same time on a capped plan, the data would easily run out in no time. This is why more and more Kiwis are switching to unlimited data plans, as they’re widely available across New Zealand.

If you want to score the best unlimited broadband plan in your area, you can use our free online comparison tool at CompareBear. We can help you with your broadband decision and finding the best deals in NZ.

Why should I get unlimited broadband?

In this day and age where the internet is used for almost everything, getting an unlimited broadband plan should be a necessity. As multiple users can work, study, play, watch, and stream on the internet simultaneously, it’s no surprise that more and more households are purchasing an unlimited broadband plan.

Unlimited data plans are also very affordable too. For as low as $45 a month, you can go unlimited with your broadband. Plus, these also come with great sign up deals such as free credit months, free Netflix subscriptions, and free goodies like PlayStations, Apple TVs, and more.

Cheapest unlimited broadband plans

As mentioned, unlimited broadband plans aren’t very expensive, considering all the deals and benefits you’ll get. If you want to save even more, compare with CompareBear to find the cheapest deals available in your area.

Fastest unlimited broadband plans

Unlimited data plans shouldn’t compromise on fast speeds! If you want to go unlimited, you can get some of the fastest speeds available in New Zealand. This is perfect for heavy internet users, as unlimited internet should be speedy too.

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If you want to purchase the best unlimited internet plans in your area, make sure to compare with us at CompareBear. Simply enter your basic details into our comparison tool, and in just a few minutes, you’ll get tailored results.

The best thing is, our comparison tool is 100% free! You can save money today by choosing the right internet plan - all you have to do is find and compare broadband plans from NZ’s leading providers, and switch to the one you like the most.

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