Vodafone Broadband Plans

Vodafone are one the largest telecommunications providers in New Zealand. They have an established infrastructure, which translates to better and faster speeds for Kiwis.

As a titan in the industry, Vodafone NZ offers a wide selection of plans including ADSL, VDSL, HFC, and fibre packages. These come in varying types such as capped, unlimited, naked, and with a landline. Plus, they offer plenty of perks and discounts for their loyal Kiwi customers.

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Why signup with Vodafone?

If you want a trusted, well-known internet provider, Vodafone are the company for you. They guarantee to deliver high-quality broadband speeds at the most competitive price, all while offering great customer service.

If you live in an area where fibre has rolled out, it’s best to get one of their fibre plans. As they’re an established company, they have the infrastructure to make sure you get a quality internet connection that you can rely on.

Is Vodafone the best provider for you?

A wide selection of affordable plans is one of the best features that Vodafone has to offer. They have a range of comprehensive options available, such as the Ultimate Home package and the HFC fibre plan.

With Vodafone NZ, there’ll be a broadband plan that perfectly matches your lifestyle. So whether you’re a gamer or a casual internet user, they have a plan to suit you. Plus, they also give you the option to bundle your home entertainment and mobile plan together in one bill!

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Fibre broadband plans

If you can get fibre in your area, you have the opportunity to experience speeds that are worlds away from the copper connections. With Vodafone HFC fibre, your internet can reach speeds up to 700-900Mbps download and 90-95Mbps upload.

Unlimited broadband plans

If you want to go full-on unlimited with a trusted provider, it’s good news that Vodafone’s internet plans come with this option. By going unlimited, you don’t have to worry about running out of internet with your Vodafone Ultimate Home or Smart Connect plan.

Naked broadband plans

If you’re not going to use a landline, you have the option to opt out with your Vodafone internet plan. Whether your connection is fibre, ADSL, or VDSL, you’ll have the option to go naked with your Vodafone plan.

No-contract broadband plans

Although getting a fixed-term plan gives you more benefits and discounts, being tied up to a plan might not work for some. This is why Vodafone introduced their no-contract broadband plans – for a flexible and no strings attached connection.

Landline broadband plans

Some Kiwis still see a home phone as a necessity, so Vodafone gives you the option to get a landline with their broadband plans. For an additional $10 per month, you can get home line with features such as Voicemail, Phone Divert, BestMates for home phone, and more.

Rural broadband plans

The great thing about Vodafone is that they’re part of the Rural Broadband Initiative! For rural Kiwis, this means that they can trust Vodafone to give a fast and reliable service in their remote community.

Vodafone FAQ

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Depending on the plan, broadband with Vodafone can cost anywhere from $53 to $83 per month. Additional costs depend on which add-ons and extras you may want on top of your broadband connection.

Home wireless broadband works by connecting through a SIM card in a modem, instead of a wire leading into your home. This is delivered by Vodafone’s ultrafast 4G network, so their speeds are guaranteed to be fast.

Vodafone Ultrafast HFC can give you speeds of up to 700-900Mbps download and 90-95Mbps upload. This is the latest offering from Vodafone, so you can trust that it packs the latest technology. If it’s available in your area, it’s highly recommended to get this plan for your place.

As they’ve ventured into mobile and entertainment plans, you can save by getting your mobile phone plan together with your Vodafone internet plan. If you do so, you can save as much $10 a month on your bill! Plus, you can take advantage of getting $200 free credit for making the switch to their service.