Voyager Broadband Plans

Voyager are a broadband and telecommunications provider in New Zealand. What’s unique about them is that they are 100% Kiwi-owned, and they’re committed to providing a more personalised customer experience to New Zealanders.

On top of providing broadband plans at competitive rates, Voyager NZ aims to stand-out from the competition by providing a simple yet efficient service to their customers. They won’t overwhelm you with confusing jargon; they speak Kiwi language that your average everyday New Zealander can easily understand.

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Why signup with Voyager?

Two words: simple and personal. If you value those two experiences, it’s best to sign up with Voyager! There’s no fancy bells or whistles, and no frills – a simple and straightforward service is top priority for this company.

Unlike other providers, Voyager’s internet plans only have two distinct options. You won’t be overwhelmed with which broadband option to choose, as it’s made simple for you. Their services are also accessible throughout NZ, so you can take advantage of their simple and personal services no matter where you live.

Is Voyager the best provider for you?

If you don’t want to commit to a fixed-term plan, then Voyager is your best choice! They only have a no-contract option, which means more flexibility in your broadband choice.

Voyager’s internet plans are not only simple, but they’re flexible too! It’s understandable that many Kiwis want to try out a plan first to see if it matches all their needs; with Voyager, you can test their service out first and switch if it’s not the right fit for you (but you’ll definitely love the flexibility).

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Fibre Vodafone plans

Voyager offer one type of fibre broadband plan – singular! They made this so you won’t have to deal with a complicated shopping experience when all you want is to connect to broadband. This is the fastest and easiest way to connect your home to ultra fast broadband.

Naked broadband plans

Another great benefit with Voyager’s internet plans is that they come naked! You won’t need to pay for a home landline service that you don’t use. After all, landlines are becoming less common and less useful too, as you can do everything with your mobile nowadays.

Unlimited broadband plans

Here’s more good news: Voyager NZ only offers unlimited data plans! By going unlimited, you won’t have budget your data to last through the month; you’ll have a limitless amount of data! This is perfect for larger households and flats where members tend to go online all the time.

No-contract broadband plans

Voyager NZ offers no-strings-attached commitment on their internet plans. Both of their broadband plans are commitment-free, meaning you won’t need to sign up to a contract. On top of this, their broadband plans are cheap – it’s one bonus after the other!

Voyager FAQ

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Both of Voyager’s internet plans are priced at $79 per month. No more, no less.

If you wish, you can rent a router with Voyager together with your broadband plan.

There’s no contracts and no cancellation fees - just give them 30-days cancellation notice if you want to leave.

While you might not get any fancy extras with Voyager NZ, the flexibility, simplicity, limitless, fast and naked options that you have with them is a good compromise!