Wanna Internet

Wanna Internet is a Waikato-based and operated broadband network providing smart and advanced internet services to Kiwi customers since 2010. Today, they’ve  reached more homes and businesses outside the region with budget-friendly broadband plans to enjoy as well as services with their ultra-fast fibre, copper and mobile networks.  

Upgrade your broadband with Wanna Broadband plans and experience a better connection at a reasonable price, and get quality customer service for your needs. Compare Wanna Internet to some of the best broadband providers in New Zealand using CompareBear today!

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Why connect with Wanna Broadband?

Wanna Internet aims to connect all communities to fast and stable broadband through their affordable internet plans and solutions. With their customer-oriented services, they make it easier for anyone to apply and inquire about their broadband needs.

What are the benefits of choosing Wanna Internet?

Signing up with Wanna Internet is quick and straightforward. Simply choose the type of internet you need, send your details and wait for their technicians to help you out. You can also inquire over the phone if you're unsure about your connection and Wanna helpdesk will get to you right away!

Wanna Internet NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Ultra Fibre

Getting fibre is cost-efficient for homeowners and businesses who operate with multiple devices. You get faster speeds at any time with minimal to zero interruptions. If you want to switch to stronger broadband for your home or office, you can contact Wanna Internet for more.

Ultra Wireless

Wanna Ultra Wireless is accessible in Raglan, Te Mata, Aotea, Te Pahu, Whatawhata, Ohaupo, Ngaruawahia and neighbouring towns. Get average speeds of 30Mbps and about 10Mbps upload speeds for only $75.99 a month. Given this speed, businesses can attract more customers to visit their resort, bar and restaurants in the coastal areas — a great way to promote NZ tourism to the world.

Ultra VDSL

VDSL uses copper wires to connect to the internet, providing average speeds of up to 70Mbps. You can stream online, play games and work from home without delay. As fibre can't be accessed in some places in New Zealand, VDSL is your next best option.

ADSL Broadband

ADSL remains to be an option in areas without fibre coverage. If you're interested in an ADSL connection, you can reach out to Wanna Internet or go to CompareBear for other deals and internet plans available near you.

Rural Broadband

Wanna offers rural broadband plans where rural communities access reliable internet to help with their daily operations. You can ask if you can be covered with Wanna Internet or visit CompareBear to learn which broadband plan fits for your needs.

Wanna Internet FAQs

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Wanna offers free installation for a 12-month contract, which includes all equipment needed for your broadband connection. You may also opt for an open contract which will require a $199 installation fee.

Yes. Simply fill out the online form available on their website or contact them through landline at 0800 100 714. You can also go to CompareBear for other broadband options you can compare for free.

Wanna Internet allows credit and debit card payments and bank transfers when paying off your bill.