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WiFi Guys is the go-to internet specialist that provides broadband products, services, upgrades, and support to customers in Christchurch and Canterbury. They have a decade-long experience in helping homeowners, students, and office workers with repair and installation — making them one of the best service providers in the industry. 

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Why sign up with WiFi Guys?

WiFi Guys is an expert in providing customers with WiFi services based on what they need. Whether it’s repair or installation at home or workplace, you get the right solutions at the right price. Apart from their top of the line services, WiFi Guys offers configuration, problem-solving and maintenance to get the best out of your device.

What are the benefits of connecting with Wifi Guys?

WiFi Guys prioritises connecting farms to high-speed broadband. This farming technology is designed to enable PCs and other devices access the internet. It's intended to make the work in the farm more convenient for owners and workers. They can install video security cameras and improve cow shed PCs for their irrigation systems.

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Repair and Installation of Hardware

WiFi Guys makes it easier for customers to install, repair, and relocate wireless network hardware. They provide Point-to-Point links that help extend your network without the hassle of cables. It can be linked from your garage to another building 50 km away for a more extended outdoor link.

Monitor data using software

Having multiple connected devices makes it difficult to monitor data usage efficiently. That’s why, WiFi Guys offers software that monitors devices connected to your internet. Anyone from hotel and motel owners, cafes to other establishments that provide free WiFi for their customers, can get this type of service with Wifi Guys.

Install solar power system

WiFi Guys helps businesses needing a reliable power system to run the WiFi amidst sudden power outages. They provide self-sustained solar and battery power systems that can deliver wireless connectivity without electricity.

WiFi Guys FAQs

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No. WiFi Guys prioritises WiFi services for homes, businesses, schools and local events. However, they offer wireless hotspot data plans with data limits between 500 MB to 20GB.

Repair, installation and other services vary based on the type of support you need. You can contact WiFi Guys through phone or send an email for requests and applications. Compare Wifi Guys against other local internet services in Christchurch using CompareBear today!

Yes. WiFi Guys is the way to go for your WiFi needs. However, you may have to send your request online or call them first before asking for a replacement for an old equipment.