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Wireless Nation is among the fastest wireless broadband providers in New Zealand. They offer internet connectivity to mobile users, households and business owners in both rural and urban areas. Their excellent products and broadband solutions earned them recognition as the Best Specialist Provider in 2019 and the Best Wireless Broadband company in 2020. Wireless Nation NZ has been a top choice for Kiwis throughout the country. 

If you’re interested in getting a wireless connection for your home or business, opt for Wireless Nation today!

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Why sign up with Wireless Nation?

Everybody uses the internet for different purposes. Whether it’s for work, research, leisure or communication, there’s no denying that the internet is a powerful tool that connects us to the world. As the internet has now become a necessity, Wireless Nation has developed broadband plans for all types of users so they can have the best internet experience possible.

Wireless Nation RBI Plans

Wireless Nation works together with the NZ government to give Kiwi in remote places like the Chatham Islands and Cape Reinga fast internet access. They continue to reach out to customers, and have delivered excellent customer support ever since.

Wireless Nation Broadband NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Home Broadband

If you need fast broadband at home, Wireless Nation offers Fibre and DSL home broadband plans for $79 and $99 a month. You can enjoy a free modem when you sign up for a 12-month contract, with local Kiwi support for connection enquiries or upgrade requests.

Home Wireless

For homes and residents living in areas where fibre isn’t yet available, going wireless is the way to go. Wireless Nation offers contract-free wireless plans starting at $59 as well as a 4G-enabled plug & play modem for $199. You can also enjoy higher data coverage plans ranging from $69 to $99 with up to 600MB worth of data.

RBI Wireless

RBI plans are perfect for areas where no internet network is available. Thanks to the Rural Broadband Initiative, Wireless Nation NZ can prioritise more remote communities. For $89.90 a month, you can get a free modem lease with up to 170GB anytime from midday to midnight. You can also get their Unli RBI plan for $184.90 a month.

Lifestyle Broadband

Wireless Nation’s Lifestyle plans are offered to frequent travellers, where internet connectivity can be limited. Signing up for a Lifestyle plan gives you easy online access across New Zealand. Get up to 115GB of data for $89 a month and enjoy 4G connections anywhere within coverage.

Business Fibre

Wireless Nation offers broadband deals with unlimited data and speeds of up to 100Mbps, perfect for big and small enterprises. You can also upgrade to their Fibre Max plan for $119 to get download and upload speeds of 900/450Mbps, respectively.

Satellite Connection

Wireless Nation aims to connect Kiwis to the internet wherever they are. With their satellite broadband offer, you get to browse and chat with your friends online without worrying about frequent interruptions. For $249 a month, you get to enjoy unlimited data anywhere you are in the country.

Wireless Nation FAQ

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Wireless Nation broadband plan installation is free for both household and business applicants. However, additional fees may be charged for complex installations after a required site visit.

You can shop around for available broadband deals in your area using glimp’s our free and easy-to-use comparison too.

You may also reach out to Wireless Nation at 09 280 3672 to check for your coverage.