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Providing Kiwis with the best financial services since 1903, AA has stood by Kiwis when it comes to reaching their financial and life goals in NZ. This long history has given them the experience needed to provide great deals for different Kiwis in NZ. Cheap AA Car Loans in NZ are very simple and their fees are transparent enough so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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Why Choose AA Car Loans in NZ?

AA Car Loans offers flexible terms with low costs, providing a standard interest rate of 8.95% p.a. Under AA, you can borrow up to $100K under a term of 1 to 5 years, providing you with enough time to plan your repayments. There’s no monthly account fee as well, so you can enjoy your new ride without worrying about this extra cost every month.

How does AA Car Loans in NZ work?

Secured Car Loan

With a secured car loan, you need to register a physical asset as security for the loan. As an AA member, you only have to pay around $180 compared to the $240 fee for non-members. You can also get approval within an hour, making AA Car Loans one of the best options if you’re looking to get approval fast.

In order to qualify for AA’s car loans, you need to be above 18 years old with a valid NZ driver’s license, an income of at least $30,000, and should not be legally bankrupt and burdened with debts to other financial institutions.

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Yes. So long as you can meet their lending criteria, you can switch to AA anytime. For instance, you can make the switch as long as this isn’t an undischarged bankrupt.

You need to provide these documents when you’re looking to be approved for a car loan with AA:

  • NZ driver’s license or NZ passport
  • Proof of address via a bank or billing statement
  • Proof of employment via a transactional bank statement made within the past 30 days

No, AA can grant the 100% amount you need to borrow depending on your personal circumstances.