Avanti Finance Car Loans NZ

Providing financial assistance as well as home and car loans for Kiwis since 1989, Avanti Finance has won the Equifax Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award in 2019. Kiwis from all walks of life have found Avanti Finance Car Loans in NZ to be a cheap and reliable source of funding for their next vehicle purchase.

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Why Choose Avanti Finance Car Loans?

Avanti Finance Car Loans offer extremely responsive customer service, providing a team that can clearly explain your terms and all the fees involved in your loan. They can discuss penalties, conditions, and all the details you need to know about your chosen deal.

Pre-Approval Process

This pre-approval process will help you prepare for your purchase in the near future. In this, you go over the amount you’ll be paying back for the loan, providing you a realistic estimate regarding how affordable the loan can be.

One-stop Shop

In addition to Avanti Finance’s car loans in NZ, you can also apply for GAP insurance, payment protection, and even mechanical breakdown cover through Autosure. Applying for a car loan with Avanti Finance also allows you to choose which dealer you wish to purchase your vehicle, and whether you want to purchase through an auction or even a private seller.

How does Avanti Finance Car Loans in NZ work?

You can borrow anything from $1,000 to $50,000 for a maximum term of five years. Avanti Finance also gives you the option to go for an unsecured or secured option, if you have an asset you wish to use as a guarantee for the loan. Interest rates on your loan often start at 9.95% p.a., which is adjusted based on your own personal circumstances.

As for fees, expect to pay an establishment fee, security registration for those looking for secured loans, and an early repayment fee.

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To get a loan from Avanti Finance, you need to be over 22 years old with a valid driver’s license. This increases your chances but Avanti will also look into other circumstances, providing some consideration for those who may have bad credit history or those with an irregular income stream.

Yes. However, you need to discuss this with Avanti Finance first since you do need to pay off your loan in full first or maybe register another asset as the guarantee for your loan. It’s also possible to sell the vehicle in order to purchase a new one, though you’ll now have to finance the new car with a different loan application.

You can sign via direct application at an Avanti Finance office or you can send your signed documents in via courier provided you can sign them in the presence of a suitable witness.

Other means of signing your contract includes signing it via a broker or dealer who will organise the process for you, or by electronic signing through your own device. Just forward them an electronic verification of your ID as well as some bank statements.