CarFinance2U Car Loans NZ

Founded as part of the Thornton Green Group back in 2012, CarFinance2U has grown into one of NZ’s top car finance brokerages, having helped thousands of Kiwis take a step closer towards attaining their dream car. CarFinance2U Car Loans are very cheap and convenient, ensuring you get the best assistance while buying your new car.

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CarFinance2U car loans nz

Why Choose CarFinance2U Car Loans in NZ?

CarFinance2U makes the car loan process easy and convenient, reducing the confusion and questions regarding the process. Their website is geared towards making terms easy to understand for newcomers while also providing personalised service in the form of their customer service team. You can think of CarFinance2U’s sales consultants as personal assistants who will be with you on your journey every step of the way.

Online Application and Approval

CarFinance2U can provide a fast decision available in less than 30 minutes!

Bad Credit Car Loans

Do you have bad credit? Is it dissuading you from seeking help for your next car? CarFinance2U may be able to help with that as their loans cover most credit levels!

Purchase from a Dealer Anywhere

With CarFinance2U, you may get your vehicle from any dealer, anywhere in the country!

How does CarFinance2U Car Loans in NZ work?

Fast and Easy Application

Already in the market for a new car but haven’t quite decided on a model yet? You can get pre-approved today with CarFinance2U’s easy pre-approval form online. It takes less than 5 minutes and the team can help you get an approval within 30 minutes!

Second Chance Car Loans

CarFinance2U can also help you acquire a loan or get pre-approved for a new or used car even with bad credit. They have the means to help borrowers with the following:

Mortgage arrears
Late or missed payments

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The minimum amount you can borrow is $5,000, with the maximum amount being determined what you as a borrower, are able to afford.

Yes. CarFinance2U will accept a valid NZ learner’s license when borrowing a loan. They accept a restricted and a full driver’s license as well.

A guarantor may be required if your affordability is low or if you have had bad credit in the past. Also, a guarantor may be requested for applicants who are under 21 years old in order to improve their eligibility.