Heartland Bank Car Loans NZ

Serving Kiwis since 1875, Heartland Bank is a 100% Kiwi-owned and operated bank in the country, providing a banking experience that’s convenient and hassle-free! Heartland Car Loans are both cheap and reliable, having been in operation for over 40 years. Your vehicle loan can even be used to finance a boat, motorcycle, jet ski, and caravan.

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heartland bank car loans nz

Why Choose Heartland Car Loans?

Heartland Bank Car Loans are based on your individual needs and circumstances, which helps you make your repayments on time. You can get a fast approval process thanks to their online application.


Heartland Bank ensured that lending specialists are always available to answer your queries, making all the fees transparent to borrowers across the country. They’ll make sure you can understand the terms and conditions of your loan while taking care to omit all the redundant fees and hidden charges in order to tailor the product to your personal circumstances.

How does Heartland Car Loans in NZ work?

Heartland offers secured car loans so you need to render one or more assets and perhaps, a guarantor as security for the loan. Your repayment amount will already contain the interest rate, loan terms, establishment fee, PPSR, and other fees that may apply so you don’t have to worry about this.

Your interest rates vary depending on your personal circumstances, usually ranging from 8.95% and 15.95% p.a. Your establishment fee costs $229 and a PPSR of $10.35.

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You can apply for your loan in just 4 easy steps!

  • Complete your application online, getting your results in just minutes!
  • Email Heartland the supporting documents required
  • Heartland will verify your identity, confirm the loan structure and conduct the required checks
  • Sign our loan documents online. Heartland will now pay out the funds, allowing you to finally get behind the wheel!

Yes. Simply reach out with Heartland Bank and they’ll work with you to alter your loan payments without the hassle.

Yes. You can reach out to either Marac Car Loans, a division of Heartland Bank, or even an authorised Heartland vehicle dealer for their approval process.