Kiwi Car Loans NZ

Working with lenders directly to help Kiwis find the best financing needs, Kiwi Car Loans NZ can be one of the best options for your next vehicle purchase! They’ve been matching Kiwis to a suitable lender since 2013. They are a good option for hassle-free car financing and can be used for other vehicles like caravans, jet skis, boats, trailers, and even motorbikes.

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Why Choose Kiwi Car Loans in NZ?

Kiwi Car Loans give you access to several lenders, all of which provide more choices in car models and car financing. They can also help you apply remotely from the comforts of your own home, thanks to their easy online process. From registration, quotes and approvals, contract signing, verifying documents and other processes, these can all be done online, speeding things along.

Loan Details

Kiwi Car Loans offer a lot of flexibility in their financing options. Cheap Kiwi car loan interest rates typically range from 7.95% to 19.95% while the amount you can borrow usually range between $3,000 and $500,000 depending on your circumstances. When it comes to repayments, you can choose to pay weekly, monthly, and even yearly as well.

How does Kiwi Car Loans in NZ work?

Secured Car Loans

This requires you to register a physical asset as security in order to be approved for a loan. The interest rate can be lower due to the decreased risk provided by the security.

Unsecured Car Loans

With an unsecured car loan, you may be faced with higher interest rates since the lender will now face higher risks. However, you don’t have to register any asset of yours as security for the loan.

Self-Employed Loans

Kiwi Car Loans NZ has developed an option for self-employed borrowers, ensuring their loan circumstances match their business’ cash flow. Many businesses can claim the car’s costs as a tax deduction while controlling your own time. When applied right, your next car’s prices can be very affordable.

Business Finance Loans

You can apply for a car loan that’s tailored for business use as equipment financing. Kiwi Car Loans in NZ can connect you with lenders who have worked with both the government and corporate sector in acquiring vehicles for business use.

Private Sale Car Loans

Kiwi Car Loans can also help you with the paperwork and necessary arrangements in order to get the best price on a vehicle you plan to purchase from a private seller.

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You need to be an NZ resident or visa holder who’s 18 years or older and earning a regular income. You also need to have a valid NZ driver’s license.

Kiwi Car Loans work with different accredited dealers in order to provide new and used vehicles. Their partners can also help with purchasing boats, caravans, bikes, and other vehicle types. Simply provide your suburb or postcode and Kiwi Car Loans can filter out the best locations for you!

Kiwi Car Loans can also offer you comprehensive car insurance, mechanical breakdown warranties, guaranteed asset protection, and payment protection insurance.