Motor Vehicle Finance Car Loans NZ

Motor Vehicle Finance helps connect Kiwis to the top lenders in NZ, allowing them to find the best financing options they need for their goals. Motor Vehicle Finance car loans can be a cheap way to get funding for your next car purchase, even if you have a bad credit rating.

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motor vehicle finance car loans nz

Why Choose Motor Vehicle Finance Car Loans in NZ?

Get some of the best deals on your car loans with Motor Vehicle Finance. 95% of the loan applications they facilitate are approved, meaning your own chances are pretty high, so long as you meet the criteria. They also have a way of matching other offers, paying $500 towards your loan if they’re unable to beat the one you’ve found somewhere else. Their turnaround times are fast, as you can expect to get a response  to your application within two hours.

How does Motor Vehicle Finance Car Loans in NZ work?

Secured Car Loan

Motor Vehicle Finance uses secured car loans, requiring you to register an asset as a security guarantee for your loan. You can borrow any amount from $3,000 and even up to $150,000, depending on your assessment, which you can then repay within 12 to 60 months or 1 to 5 years.

They accept applications from even part-time workers and retirees, provided they’re able to meet the criteria. It’s also important to note that they offer vehicle loans, meaning you can use the funds to buy other types such as a boat, caravan, and even motorbikes if that’s what you prefer. They also offer a pre-approval process, in case you need more time to decide.

Fees and Charges

Your interest rates will range from 6.95% to 23.95% p.a., depending on your credit rating, amount borrowed for your loan, liabilities and assets, and of course, the asset you registered. Expect an establishment fee of $375 or higher depending on what’s discussed, to be included in the loan. Of course, this also includes all other monthly maintenance fees and early repayment charges.

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To be eligible for a vehicle loan with Motor Vehicle Finance, you need to be an NZ citizen or a permanent resident of at least 18 years of age or above, with at least a minimum income of $400. You also need to have a driver’s license number and you need to provide the details of your employment or source of income through bank statements, as well as a detailed list of assets and liabilities.

Yes. It’s recommended to get loan approval on the car you wish to buy first in order to get a more accurate estimate when making your bid.

You can make payments on a weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly basis. To make things more convenient, you can also set up an automatic payment from your bank account or perhaps a Direct Debit to ensure you don’t miss a payment.