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Not a fan of multiple applications and a slow process? Say goodbye to those when you sign up with Nobilo Finance. Getting a cheap Nobilo Finance car loan enables you to do multiple inquiries from NZ’s best lenders all at the same time, saving you from all the hassle. As a locally-owned and operated brokerage, they have helped thousands of Kiwis find the best lenders that can work with their needs.

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Why Choose Nobilo Finance Car Loans in NZ?

Specializing in vehicle loans, Nobilo Finance provides quick turnaround times, ensuring client satisfaction. You can get a response within an hour of your online application. Not only that, if all goes well and you’re able to sign the loan agreement before 1PM, NZ Time, you may even acquire your funds on the exact same day!

Pre-Approval Process:

If you’re still unsure, you can also make use of their pre-approval process in order to get your funds sorted out even before you’ve decided which car to buy. Having your funds in hand may help you consider more factors to help you decide.

Good selection of vehicles:

Nobilo Finance’s loans aren’t just for car purchases either. You can also use your loans if you need help with financing these things:

A car for personal use
A car for business use

How does Nobilo Finance Car Loans in NZ work?

Nobilo Finance operates as a secured loan, meaning you need to provide an asset as a security guarantee for the loan. Under this agreement, you can borrow an amount starting at $5,000 up to $500,000, depending on your own risk profile, creditworthiness, income, financial stability, repayment schedule, and other factors. This will also affect your interest rates.

If you have a good credit history, you may receive interest rates of 6.35% to 9.95% p.a. On the other hand, applicants with a bad credit history may have to pay an interest rate of 11.95% to 29.00% p.a.

Other fees you need to keep in mind are an establishment fee ranging from $395.00 to $525.00 and the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) fee of $10.35 or $19.34.

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To be eligible for Nobilo Finance’s car loan, you need to ensure your credit history is good enough to be approved and that you’re able to afford the loan and the repayments. Aside from that, you need to be an NZ citizen, a permanent resident, or a holder of a relevant work visa of 18 years of age or more. It’s also important to not have any outstanding debts (over $2,000) and currently not bankrupt.

You need to be employed and earning at least $500 a week, with a full or restricted driver’s license in order to get a vehicle loan.

You need to provide proof of your income usually in the form of bank statements, proof of employment, and expenses. Sometimes, you may also be asked to provide a photo ID.

This will depend on the loan amount so you’ll need to consult with Nobilo Finance in order to discuss your assets. In most cases, the car you’re planning to buy can be used as the security guarantee.