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As one of the most trusted lenders in the country, NZ Vehicle Finance offers one of the most competitive rates and fair prices for their products and services. You can easily come across cheap NZ Vehicle Finance car loans to fund your next vehicle purchase in NZ.

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Why Choose NZ Vehicle Finance Car Loans?

From providing expert advice, to guiding applicants throughout the loan process, NZ Vehicle Finance is proactive in helping Kiwis with their first car purchase. They can use your new vehicle as a security for your loan, decreasing the deposit you’ll need to provide.

NZ Vehicle Finance for Immigrants

Thanks to their fair lending practices, fixed finance options, and no-obligation pre-approval for choosing the right car, NZ vehicle finance car loans work well for immigrants coming into the country.

No or low deposit option?

NZ Vehicle Finance believes that buying a car should be an enjoyable journey, and that’s why they try to trim down the more inconvenient parts of the process. They provide affordable options for Kiwis with low or even no deposit, ensuring that their rates and terms are not beyond capacity.

How does NZ Vehicle Finance Car Loans in NZ work?

NZ Vehicle Finance Car Loans are cheap and flexible. As the borrower, you’re the one who gets to decide when you’ll make your repayments over the span of 6 years, while they provide interest rates that can be even more competitive than banks. Their service is also very fast, with quick turnaround times which allows you to get approved within the same day of your application!

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You can simply submit an application form for their no-obligation pre-approval. NZ Vehicle Finance will give you a response within the same day.

Take note of the following documents you need to provide when applying for a loan:

  • A one-month bank statement
  • Valid ID (Passport or Driver’s License)
  • Documents on other loans you’re currently paying off

Yes, this is what their pre-approval process is for! You can temporarily input the car model you initially think and change it up later once you’re finalising your loan.