Oxford Finance Car Loans NZ

With an investment grade BBB- rating by Standard & Poor’s, Oxford Finance is regarded as one of the country’s highest-rated finance companies. Even so, Oxford Finance car loans are a very cheap option for financing your next vehicle purchase. Thanks to their locally-owned operations, they’re well-versed in finding ways to make funding accessible for all Kiwis.

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oxford finance car loans nz

Why Choose Oxford Finance Car Loans in NZ?

Oxford Finance allows you to apply online in just a few easy steps! They’re also very transparent with their process, allowing you to see all the fees and charges upfront with no hidden charges. You can also get a pre-approval process in order to secure your funds even before you can decide which car model to buy.

How does Nobilo Finance Car Loans in NZ work?

Oxford Finance primarily operates as a secured car loan which means you need to offer up an asset as a security guarantee. However, Oxford is able give you quick turnaround times, providing approval within a day of checking the personal information you provided.

With Oxford Finance, you can borrow any amount ranging from $2,000 to $100,000 which you can pay for 12 to 60 months. Repayments can be done on a weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly basis.

Fees and Charges

Your interest rates are personalised based on the security you provided and its relation to your loan amount, credit history, financial situation, and credit profile. Typically however, they usually range from 7.95% to 20.95% p.a. Aside from that, you also need to pay a loan establishment fee of $200, an account fee of $250, and an account maintenance fee of $5.

There’s also other fees that may apply depending on your situation. Example of these fees are:

An early repayment fee of $19 when your loan is settled earlier than the actual end of the term
$70 modification fees when you make changes to the loan agreement
Legal costs when applicable
Direct costs such as a credit check and verification of ID search

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You need to be an NZ citizen of at least 23 years old. You can apply for a loan if you’re younger but you’ll need to apply with a parent co-borrower. You also need a source of income which you must support with the necessary documents.

Oxford Finance also needs documents and details on your credit history, regular expenses like insurance or mortgages, a photo ID and a proof of address, and the details on the security you registered.

No. Car loans only require a physical asset to be registered as a security in order to borrow a loan.

Pre-approval typically lasts for 14 days after your application.