UDC Car Loans NZ

Operating for more than 80 years, UDC has helped thousands of Kiwis achieve their financial goals, thanks to their array of financial services and products. They have expanded their services to include car loans, asset finance options, and other things. UDC Car Loans are a cheap way to finance your next car purchase and you can count on their reliability owing to them being one of the biggest finance companies in the country today.

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Why Choose UDC Car Loans in NZ?

UDC offers several features you can use as an account holder to not only make the borrowing process easier, but to also manage the money you borrow. Their offers include online account management, detailed documents on their fees, rates, and payments, dealer opportunities, financial hardship assistance, and other features.

UDC Accredited Dealers

UDC has a network of preferred suppliers and dealers, increasing the guarantee they provide to their customers. These dealers would often also offer insurance packages with their vehicle finance options, saving you the time and hassle in browsing separately for these essentials. As a dealer, you can even become an accredited supplier with UDC as well thanks to the opportunities they provide.

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Fees included in your UDC Car Loans include:

  • Establishment Fee of $195.00
  • Personal Property Register of $10.35
  • Maintenance fee of $2.00
  • Default interest charge of 5% pa.a plus the annual interest rate
  • Dishonour Fee is $3.50
  • Late payment fee of $60.00
  • Repression fee of $50.00
  • Variation of contract $25.00 when you change something in your contract
  • Early settlement fee of $7.00 with an additional variable amount

You can pay off your loans early but you’ll be judged with some of the variation fees to cover the losses from the cancellation associated with your loan.

You can borrow amounts from anything from $10,000 to $500,000 which would depend on your capacity to make your repayments on time. UDC will also require you to register an asset of yours as a guarantee of payment.