Citizens and Expats: How to Vote for the 2020 New Zealand Elections

Date Oct 9, 2020
Blog category Mobile Phone
By Staff Writer

The long wait is over! The New Zealand elections 2020 is here, and it’s time to practice your right and responsibility as a citizen. NZ elections 2020 will run from 3 October to 17 October, so if you’re above the age of 18, and have been living in NZ for over a year, then you’re entitled for a party vote and an electorate vote. 

If you haven’t registered or updated your details for this year’s elections, you can still do so, even through your mobile phone! Register, update your details, and find places to vote online.

It’s worth noting that even if we’ve beaten COVID-19 the second time around, we still can’t let our guards down. 

Vote well and safely. Here’s your online guide to the 2020 New Zealand General Election.

What makes NZ Elections 2020 different from previous elections?

Since we’re currently facing COVID-19 along with the NZ election, extra precautions are in place to keep voters safe.

The NZ government has included a range of measures such as contact tracing and ensuring physical distancing in voting areas. By adding these health standards, NZ voters in October 2020 are guaranteed a safe and easy voting process.

How can I be safe when voting for the October 2020 NZ elections?

Stay informed using your mobile phones! It’s your gateway to pertinent information for the October 2020 elections.

Easily find a place to vote from this list by simply entering your voter details.

Or, you can check out this map for voting places near you.

Easy and convenient, these options help you avoid unnecessary runs just to get some information outside. See more details below.

How can I find a place to vote using my mobile phone?

You can find a place to vote by using a map on voting places that you can access through your mobile phone. The virtual map will show you the nearest voting places in your current location, electorate type, electorate, and suburb. 

The NZ government recommends voting close to home to make the process safe and easy. This also lessens the risk of exposure and ensures that minimum health standards won’t be sacrificed during the elections. 

How can I vote in NZ this October 2020?

You can vote in person, by post, and overseas. 

  • In person: If you’re voting in person, you’re recommended to go to a voting area near you. You may choose to vote at any voting place across the country. 
  • By post: As a safer voting measure, you can do postal voting by calling the Electoral Commission (EC) via 0800 36 76 56 if you’re unable to vote in person. Someone from the electoral office, a family member, or friend of yours can bring you the voting papers which should be completed and mailed by 14 October so that they can reach the EC by the end of the election period. 

How can New Zealanders overseas vote for the October 17 General Elections?

The NZ government lets you cast your vote even when you’re abroad. You’ll only need to comply with your local COVID-19 protocols. It’s best to consult your overseas voting place beforehand. 

A reminder if you’re voting overseas: you need to be registered by 16 October, midnight on NZ time.

To vote overseas, you can vote in the nearest overseas voting place in your area or ask the EC to send you postal voting papers.

The fastest way, however, is to download and print the voting papers because this spares you from the waiting game. Voting for Kiwis abroad started as early as 30 September and will end 17 October, NZ time. 

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