Future Proofing Your New Zealand Internet With Fibre Broadband

Date Aug 3, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Staff Writer

The future is bright when it comes to the broadband in New Zealand. The government is continuously improving broadband services all over the country, building infrastructures to ensure fast and reliable internet connections no matter where you are in NZ.

This dedication of the NZ government is really starting to pay off, as Kiwis can now get some of the fastest and cheapest broadband plans in the world. If you want to take advantage of a guaranteed fast and reliable broadband connection, then fibre is the way to go. 

Find out more about how fibre broadband is the future of the internet in New Zealand.

Get to know ultra-fast fibre in New Zealand

Leading broadband providers in NZ now offer ultra-fast fibre with speeds as fast as 900Mbps, and for as low as $100 a month. This is more than enough even for heavy online tasks like playing games, streaming content, and downloading music and movies. 

What’s even greater than the fast speeds is that fibre offers a more stable connection. Unlike its predecessor connections that rely on copper cables, fibre isn’t affected by distance or environmental factors such as wire corrosion.

Why it’s the future of the internet

While fibre is the best internet connection that you can get in NZ today, does it mean that it will continue to be the standard in the next few years? With the current status of broadband, it seems like it will, especially as it continues to be rolled out throughout the country. Here’s why:

Improved fibre technologies

Fibre in NZ boasts the latest technologies – but even this has been further improved for better connectivity. To get the most of your broadband plan, NZ broadband providers offer modern routers that can receive and distribute signals with greater accuracy.

Even with disruptions like distance, walls, solid objects, and devices’ interference, these modems are designed to deliver signals with little to no loss. With these technologies, fibre becomes even faster and reliable whether you’re plugging in or connecting wirelessly.

You won’t find a better value plan

Internet connectivity technologies are continuously being developed all over the world, but none can provide better value than fibre broadband plans. One of the best examples of this is 5G; while it’s fast, it’s not something that can easily take advantage of at this stage.

5G works as a wireless connection, meaning that it relies on frequencies. These frequencies often do not penetrate thick walls, buildings, and trees. Plus, 5G infrastructures are underdeveloped – and it would take a long time to cover all of NZ including the rural areas.

Government programmes

One of the bigger struggles as to why fibre broadband hasn’t taken off in New Zealand is its availability. To overcome this, the NZ government has been continuously rolling out fibre cables outside of urban centres through the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) initiative. This aims to connect 84% of the country to fibre by 2024.

This is backed by their partnership with NZ’s leading providers through the Rural Broadband Initiative. Through this, they aim to roll out fibre optics even to the most remote rural communities. With these programmes, fibre is only going to move forward in the country.

Take advantage of fibre in your area

With the improved technologies and the government’s dedication towards a more connected New Zealand, you can easily purchase a fibre broadband plan no matter where you are. To check if you can take advantage of this internet technology, use a comprehensive fibre checker tool.

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