Getting a Broadband Connection with a Landline: Is it worth it?

Date Jun 2, 2020
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By Staff Writer

Many of us Kiwis out there have grown up in a household with a telephone. Once upon a time, the home phone landline was our main source of communicating with the outside world before the internet and cell phones came about. Now, with the rise of the mobile phone, the landline has become obsolete in many New Zealand households. 


For those traditional Kiwis out there who still own a landline phone, you may be wondering “do I need a landline for wifi?” 


The short answer is no - in today’s world, it’s no longer a requirement to have a home landline in order to set up a broadband connection. While there are still a range of landline & internet packages available, the majority don’t include a home phone connection.


If you’re considering disconnecting your phone line and signing up to an internet only plan, continue reading below; we’ve listed the top things for you to consider when making this decision.


Naked broadband connections

The most popular type of internet connection in households across the country is “naked broadband”. Naked broadband is an internet connection that doesn’t include a home phone connection (landline). Because there is no landline included, you’ll be paying less each month for your broadband.


Naked broadband packages cater to a wide range of internet needs, including ADSL, VDSL and fibre plans. New Zealand’s top internet service providers regularly offer great deals on naked broadband packages when you sign up, including free credit, discounted prices, free setup and more.


It’s important to first determine what sort of internet user you are, to ensure you’re not paying for data you don’t need. If you’re only using the internet for web browsing and checking emails, you can opt for a low data plan. If you’re regularly downloading and streaming music and movies - especially in a household of 3+ people - opt for a high user/unlimited data plan.


Want to find out how much you’ll save each month by switching to a naked internet connection?  Use our free and easy tool to compare naked broadband plans and providers and find the best deals for your internet needs.

Pros and cons of not having a landline

Making the decision between a landline & internet plan versus a naked broadband plan can be difficult - especially if you’ve always had a home phone in your household. 


To help you through this process, we’ve listed the pros and cons of not having a landline, so you can make an informed decision on what will work best for your needs.


The pros of having a landline with your internet

Although the home phone isn’t as common as it used to be, a lot of people don’t realize that there are actually many benefits that come with keeping your landline:

Simple to use

While the majority of us have adapted to using cellphones, for the older generation of New Zealanders, it can be tiresome and confusing. Landlines are perfect for those wanting to keep things simple, and who prefer using the old fashioned telephone over a cellphone.

Easier to find for emergency services 

Another benefit- especially for the older generation - is that emergency services can locate your house a lot easier than if you were using a cellphone.

Low cost local calls

It’s generally a lot cheaper to make local calls using a landline than with using a cellphone.

Allows use of a fax machine

If you still own and use a fax machine, you’ll need to keep your landline as they cannot operate without one.

Excellent coverage 

While cellphones have the tendency to drop in and out of coverage in certain areas, landlines don’t have this issue.

Another benefit to keeping your landline is that it’s a great way to encourage younger children to use the ‘old fashion’ way of getting in touch with others, rather than have them exposed to mobile phones.

Cons of having a landline with your internet

For some, keeping your landline can provide many benefits - however for others, it may be a completely unnecessary cost. Let’s discuss the cons of owning a landline:

Large monthly fees

While landlines are no longer very common in the household, the cost of owning one is still quite high. It’ll cost you around $50 per month for a landline, which is actually more expensive than many cellphone plans. Some internet service providers have compensated for this though, and are now offering broadband and landline deals with a lower landline monthly fee.

More spam calls

Landlines are much more likely to receive spam phone calls than cell phones.

More expensive to call internationally

If you’re needing to contact someone overseas, especially on a regular basis, you’ll be paying huge international calling fees when calling through a landline. If you were using a mobile phone, there are apps you can use which allow you to call internationally for free (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp).

Comparing naked broadband with regular broadband

Although the majority of Kiwis are able to enjoy an ultra fast broadband connection, there are still some users on the VDSL and ADSL internet connections. Luckily, many New Zealand internet service providers still cater to these types of connections. 


There are a wide range of broadband plans, bundles and deals to suit all types of internet technologies or connections. You can view and compare both the latest landline and internet deals by using our free online broadband comparison calculator and discover which plan will work for you. 


It’s easy to compare with Compare Bear - you can filter your search by internet speed, landline needs and whether you want to sign up for a contract or not.