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Southern Cross understand that health insurance is important for everyone and they do their best to ensure that they can cover their members for any health issues they may have. They are currently New Zealand’s biggest health insurance provider, covering over 85,000 Kiwis.They offer a variety of plans which are their day-to-day, entry-level, broad, comprehensive and premium plans.

nib understand that it may be hard for some people to rely on the public health system for emergency care and medical treatment, so they offer health insurance as a solution for long waits and medical costs. nib have an app, making it easy to make a claim and they have two options for health insurance in NZ which are the private hospital cover and the cover for day-to-day expenses.

KiwiCover pride themselves on offering one of the best health insurance policies in NZ and their two cover options which are the AIA Private Health Cover and Private Health Plus allow their members to take control of their health and provide assurance that they won’t be stuck behind long waiting lists and that they’ll get to choose which doctor/specialist to go with.

AA have been offering health insurance that you can trust for over 100 years now. They aim to help Kiwis get the medical attention they need, when they need it. AA offer three different cover options, being the AA Health Everyday, AA Health Private Hospital and AA Health Private Hospital and Specialist.

UniMed are dedicated to helping Kiwis all around New Zealand get back to their feet after any accidents or medical procedures they may have to undertake. As a smaller health insurance company in NZ, they separate themselves from the rest of the market by offering competitive premiums, while offering fantastic customer service.

Why compare with CompareBear?

From start to finish

From the start when you’re just starting to compare your options to the finish when you’re ready to make the switch, we’ll be with you throughout the entire journey. All you need to do is tell us a few health insurance details and requirements and we’ll show you the best policies based on that.

Compare in minutes

Spend less time comparing and more time doing the things you love by comparing health insurance with CompareBear. Our health insurance comparison is quick and easy to use, so that you can find the best health insurance policies or the cheapest health insurance quotes in just a few minutes.


Our comparison tool is 100% free to use, so you won’t have to spend an extra cent to find the perfect health insurance policy! Start saving on your new policy and save on using our health insurance comparison.

Compare and save on health insurance

1 Find a better policy

Finding the right health insurance policy doesn’t have to be difficult. You can find a better policy in no time by using CompareBear to look through your options. We’ll put all of your best health insurance options on the same page from different providers to compare side by side so you can find the best policy, whether you’re after better coverage or cheaper prices.

2 Pay a cheaper premium

Using CompareBear to look through your health insurance options can not only help you find a better policy to suit your needs, but a cheaper one too. You’re able to filter the policies by price to find the deals that are in your price range.

3 Get the cover you need

Have shortened waits for emergency hospital visits, have a say in who your specialist is and have your medical costs paid for and more by getting health insurance.


  • Does health insurance cost more as you get older?

    Yes, health insurance tends to get more expensive as the policyholder gets older. This is to reflect the increased amount of chance of health issues that often comes with ageing.

  • What are the benefits of private health insurance?

    The benefits include being able to skip the waiting list for elective surgery, have the option of choosing private hospital rooms, being able to select your doctor/surgeon and you may have your dental covered too.

  • Is health insurance worth it?

    The answer to this is that it depends. It depends on your financial situation, how likely you’ll be visiting the hospital in the future and more. However, most of the time it is a good idea for when the unexpected happens.

  • What are pre-existing medical conditions?

    Pre-existing medical conditions are conditions that a patient has already received medical advice or treatment before applying for health insurance. These conditions are likely to increase the premium that the insurer will charge as a result of the increased risk to them.

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