High Paying Green Jobs Of The Future

Date Jun 28, 2021
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By Staff Writer

Green jobs have been around for years now, but it's only reaching more traction recently, mainly as one way to fight climate change for the long term, and build a more sustainable future. With this goal, everyone, including big corporations, are encouraged to participate, provide seminars, and incorporate climate change solutions to their daily operations to bring environmental consciousness to their employees.

Ordinary citizens and climate campaigners have been working to encourage policymakers and government officials to invest more in sustainable industries and open more green job opportunities. If you're someone passionate about restoring and preserving our environment and want to consider getting a green job, here's a list of roles to check to help you get started!


Green jobs and conservation jobs are mostly found in the following sectors: 

  • Research, design, and consulting services
  • Environment protection
  • Manufacturing
  • The governmental and regulatory administration
  • Green construction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Transportation
  • Renewable energy generation

Environmental technician

As an environmental technician, you will be responsible for analysing bioinformatics and geoinformatics data to improve systems and processes. In addition, you can specialise in different areas, including water quality, to help utilise the said resource and make sure that the people are using it safely and responsibly.

Automotive or mechatronic engineer

Green jobs in the transportation industry are one key to building a greener future. As an automotive or mechatronic engineer, you can help make vehicles more functional and energy-efficient. You can also help find solutions and substitute for fossil fuels such as wind or solar power or keep electric cars running smoothly.

You might also want to consider mechatronic engineering, where you can use your mechanical, computer, software skills, and more to build better systems and machines.

Energy management expert

The production of solar cells and photovoltaic systems is expected to increase in the coming years, so you can also expect that the demand for jobs in this area is expected to increase. If you want to have a career as an energy management engineer or consultant, you can specialise in a resource like a solar cell expert.

Environmental lawyer

Use your passion for the environment and communication and analytical skills by speaking up about environmental issues as an environmental lawyer. Help clients make better decisions regarding sustainability issues and hold corporations and people in positions accountable for their actions on the environment.

Natural scientist

The Earth is constantly changing, and with climate change to deal with, it's essential to have experts like biologists, geologists, and chemists do research, find out how our planet's condition affects our entire ecosystem, and find the root cause of the problems and come up with solutions.

Urban farmer

Urban farming is one of the best environmental jobs you can apply your practical skills and knowledge. You will be responsible for growing crops in places all over different cities to improve food security in specific areas. As urban gardener Ron Finley said, "Growing your own food is like printing your own money."


Green graphic designer

If you're leaning more on the artsy side and want to share your skills while helping the environment, there are plenty of creative roles you can try, including being a sustainable fashion designer, designing for green campaigns, and collaborating with companies and organizations on their green projects, particularly in making posters, artworks, and more.

Sustainability consultant

If you have the project management skills and business background to help enterprises become more sustainable, then becoming a sustainability consultant is a good option. They're usually hired to help companies decrease their carbon footprints, and start Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and other forms of sustainable marketing and innovations.

You can also work with the government for bigger projects such as building transport infrastructure and ensuring it's not harmful to the environment.

Wind-turbine service technicians

Wind turbines are needed to generate electricity and are great alternatives to other power sources as they do not pollute water and air and have fewer greenhouse gas emissions. But this also means needing professionals who can help maintain their performance and quality.

If you're not afraid of heights or small spaces, this job might be a good suit for you. Also known as wind techs, wind turbine service technicians are responsible for performing maintenance on wind turbines and fixing any electrical or mechanical problems. According to Business Insider, this job was the fastest-growing job of the decade in 2016 and is expected to grow by 60.7% in the future.

Environmental economists

Your role as an environmental economist may vary. They usually conduct research based on sample findings, analyse trends, issues, and historical data, and use it to predict their impact on the environment and the economy on a local and national scale.

This job helps us understand the relationship between the economy and the environment and how the economy help or hurt the environment. By doing so, those who are in charge can come up with better and more sustainable policies and environmental solutions.

Urban and regional planners

Urban and regional planners are responsible for developing plans and programs for land use and making sure that spaces are used to benefit everyone. This includes reviewing, approving, and changing the plans of developers. In addition, this job usually works with government officials, developers, and the public community to talk about issues and solutions based on everyone's needs.

Training and development specialists

As more businesses and corporations today encourage green practices to show their support, demand for training and development specialists is also expected to increase by 8.6% by 2029.

As a training and development specialist, you will design and conduct training and development programs to help companies and their employees to become more sustainable. This includes videos and lectures, training activities, team exercises, and more.

Your profession might be far from a green job, but you can definitely still help and participate in preserving our environment in your own little way! As simple as switching to a better power provider that generates its electricity from renewable and more sustainable sources is a good start.

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