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AMI House Insurance

AMI is one of the most trusted banking and financial services in New Zealand for over 90 years. They’ve received numerous prestigious awards one of which is the Reader’s Digest Highly Commended Trusted Brand award for General Insurance.  

You can get an AMI Premier House Insurance, a Market Value House cover, or a  Landlord Insurance depending on your needs. If you’re rebuilding your house, you can opt for an AMI Contract instead to cover your home during the rebuilding and renovation process. 

 If you need competitive house insurance for your valued property, AMI can be one of the best options. Compare AMI House Insurance with other deals in NZ to find out which offer suits you the best! Get an AMI House Insurance quote with CompareBear and get access to some exclusive benefits!

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Why sign up for an AMI House Insurance policy?

AMI makes every process easy from insurance application to making payments. You can do most processes online and don’t have to leave your home for transactions. Their dedicated customer service will help you from start to finish, including assistance on how to better manage your insurance. You can manage your insurance policy through your online account too. With an AA- claims paying ability, you’re assured of protecting your valuable assets and property. When you bundle your AMI House Insurance policy with another, you can be eligible for a multi-policy.

Is AMI House Insurance right for me?

As one of the best in the market today, many Kiwis have trusted their house insurance with AMI because of the outstanding customer services. Their insurance offers are customer-driven and with policy documents that are clear and straightforward. Their house insurance policies can suit your preferences, whether you’re looking at insuring a new or old home. The Market Value Home is favorable for a new house, while the AMI Premier House Insurance works best for an older house.

Types of AMI House Insurance

Get house insurance that can cover your house comprehensively or on specific events! AMI has flexible options to help you manage your insurance better.

AMI Premier House Insurance

This is AMI’s most comprehensive cover. You can get insured from the most common accidents to the most unlikely circumstances. Benefits include:

  • Replacement Cover based on the total sum insured
  • Upto $20,000 for retaining walls
  • Up to $40,000 for recreational features
  • Cover if you damage someone else's property
  • Cover for natural disaster damage
  • One excess only when you need to make multiple claims under one insured event
  • Up to $1,000 for keys and locks replacement

Market Value House Insurance

This specifically covers you on personal liability or damage/loss to someone else’s property, earthquake, and for demolition costs. Unlike other offers, the repayment and rebuilding of the damaged part of your home will be based on the market value at the time of the insured event. The advantage of this option is getting a higher value for your house when the market value goes up.

AMI Landlord Insurance

If you’re renting out your property, this is a great option for you. You can be insured on tenant liability and damages caused to your house. Get a range of benefits, fitting for a landlord:

  • Sudden accidental damage
  • Gradual hidden damage up to $1,500
  • Meth contamination
  • Personal liability up to $1 million
  • Natural disaster 
  • Optional extras: landlord's contents cover, up to $3,000 for deliberate damage caused by tenants, and no excess for glass or sanitary fixtures.

AMI House Insurance FAQs

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You can pay your premium and other transactions with AMI through your online account, one-time payment through credit or debit card online using your policy number, by phone, bank, in-person, cheque, or through internet or phone banking.

Yes. You can get an AMI House Insurance quote online or through 0800 100 200. You can even get a quote through CompareBear and access exclusive offers!

Yes. It’s actually advised to call them immediately when you need to make an urgent claim so processing can be faster.