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MAS House Insurance

Founded in 1921, MAS is a membership-based insurance company for medical professionals. Their policies are centered on care and well-being because of their stakeholders, and since they’re membership-owned, they don’t get their income from external parties. You can rest assured that you and your property are protected the right way since the insurance policies are managed by medical professionals. 

MAS House Insurance policies are different compared to other offers in New Zealand because the value of your property and items are based on how much you’ll be willing to pay - Area Replacement, Agreed Value, and Indemnity Value. You get more flexibility in choosing an insurance option and, therefore, focus on what truly matters. 

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Why sign up for MAS House Insurance?

MAS has received numerous awards for unrivalled customer service, including the  Consumer People’s Choice. They practice responsible investing and put money only in companies that contribute to social and environmental integrity. They’re able to mandate across $1.5 billion of funds. They also have special programs for their advocacies such as the Cyber-bullying Protection Benefit for victims of cyberbullying.

Is MAS House Insurance right for me?

Originally designed for medical professionals, MAS House Insurance is now accessible to everyone. If you’re seeking house insurance that puts care and well-being at the core, then MAS House Insurance is one of your best options. You’ll get fair policies on claims and excess so you can focus on insuring your house, especially for your retirement. The policy document for MAS House Insurance, like their other offers, are simplified so you can manage your insurance with ease. You can even get a multi-policy discount and pay one excess on multiple claims for a single insured event when you have more than one policy with MAS!

Features of MAS House Insurance

Unlike other house insurance deals, you can choose to cover your home based on how much you’re willing to spend. Choose among the following options and start protecting your house today!

Area Replacement

You’ll be insured on the reasonable costs to rebuild your home in the event that it gets damaged in an insured event. In the event that the house is a total loss, they’ll pay you for the rebuilding costs instead. Therefore, you’ll be paying a reasonable amount to rebuild your home as this will be the basis of your insurance policy.

Agreed Value

Liability will be limited to the sum insured of your home, while the same rights and benefits under the Area Replacement option.

Indemnity Value

Repairing and replacement of damaged parts of your home is based on their condition prior to the insured event.

Policy cover

This is a flexible option when you want to insure your property only for specific events:

  • Sudden, accidental damage
  • Burglary
  • Malicious damage
  • Fire and explosion
  • Natural disaster
  • Weather
  • Legal liability

MAS House Insurance FAQs

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Yes, even when your house insurance policy is ongoing, you need to inform them of any changes in case that you decide to rent out your property or go on a vacation where the house will be left unoccupied.

Yes. You can even get a discount because this counts as more than one insurance in a single policy. You can protect high-value items in your house like jewelry or equipment which aren’t covered by a house insurance alone.

You’ll need to provide personal information like proof of address, identification, and employment, among others. You also need to provide information about the house you want to insure like function, slope of land, retaining walls, fencing, paving, sum insured, and when it was built.