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State House Insurance

State Insurance has currently over 900,000 policies for more than 400,000 New Zealanders. Receiving a ‘Very Strong’ rating from Standard & Poor’s (Australia) Pty Ltd, they have an exceptional claims-paying ability and a capacity to provide Kiwis with the best insurance policies for assets and properties. 

They let you bundle your house insurance with other policies so you can get more flexible options to suit your preferences. You can do the essential processes remotely like getting a quote and making claims. What’s more, their documents like the State Insurance for house and other policies are easy to understand so you can manage your insurance independently. 

Get State House Insurance and protect your home when accidents happen. State Insurance insures your house based on the sum insured or the rebuilding costs of your home. You can even bundle State House and Contents Insurance together and insure what’s valuable to you.

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Why sign up for State House Insurance?

State Insurance is a pioneer in providing business and personal insurance policies, 100 years in the making. They’re one of the most established and well-trusted insurance providers in NZ. As a member of the Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ), State House Insurance NZ follows an ethical code and devotes themselves to social, environmental, and financial responsibility. They follow a business code that puts Kiwis at the heart of everything they do. That’s why they offer programmes and discounts exclusive to their customers.

Is State House Insurance right for you?

Yes, especially if you have a Flybuys number and would want to earn one Flybuys for every $25 of premium you pay on State Insurance policies. You can earn points faster and choose exclusive rewards in any Flybuys store.

Types of State Insurance for house and essentials

State Insurance has already curated house and contents policies together so you can simply choose which options suits you the best.

Home Comprehensive

This insures your house from a range of events, covering it based on the sum insured. Get access to the following benefits:

  • Cover for your house based on sum insured in the event of accidental loss or damage 
  • Temporary accommodation up to $20,000 every event when your house becomes uninhabitable due to accidental loss or damage, or repair
  • $250 excess for claiming a broken window, toilet bowl or fixed glass lampshade, and the like
  • Up to $2,500 a year for hidden gradual damage
  • Replacement of locks and keys up to $500 
  • Personal liability for damage to other property
  • Intentional damage caused by a tenant or someone else living in your insured house

Home Essentials

This option insures your home on specific events: 

  • Damage or loss due to fire, earthquake, storm or flood, landslip, theft from forced entry, vandalism and the impact of a vehicle
  • Intentional damage due to fire and explosion caused by a tenant or anyone else living in your home
  • Liability for damage to other property

Homepack Essentials

Get a discount on your premiums up to 15% when you insure your house and content essentials together and be insured on loss or damage to your home and contents due to fire, earthquake, storm or flood, landslip, theft following violent and forced entry, fire, flooding, riots, vandalism and the impact of a vehicle, among other events.

Homepack Comprehensive

This option lets you bundle State Insurance House and Contents policies. You can even get a 15% discount off your premiums, and protect your home and assets at a lower cost. With State House and Contents Insurance, you can streamline important benefits in a single policy:

  • Cover on your property and assets for sudden and accidental damage up to their respective sum insured amounts
  • Repair or replacement on insured belongings
  • Temporary accommodation when your home as become uninhabitable due to sudden accidental damage
  • Up to $2,500 a year for hidden gradual damage 
  • Cover for belongings while in transit for your new house
  • Cover for house and belongings when damages are intentionally caused by a tenant or someone else living in your insured house

State House Insurance NZ FAQs

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You need to provide the sum insured of your home, materials used in the exterior walls, date when the house was built, floor area, and others. To know the sum insured of your home, you can seek the help of an expert.

Yes. They offer a separate landlord insurance.

Yes. Rebuilding your house in light of an insured event is limited to the sub insured. However, you can make changes, if applicable, to the sum insured.