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Trade Me House Insurance

From being a site for bargains to becoming an insurance provider for Kiwis, Trade Me is a financial service provider where you can find great deals to boost your lifestyle and protect your assets. They have over 1.9 million site visits from 650,000 New Zealanders on a daily basis. They also have 9 million listings onsite. As one of the most sought-after sites for products and services in NZ today, they continue to innovate their financial services to give Kiwis insurance policies that are timely, affordable, and practical.

Trade Me House Insurance is easy and simple so you can focus on what truly matters - your family, property, and money. Whatever your plans are for your home, Trade Me has the right solutions to help you, in case of accidental damages and losses and/or beautify your home for your retirement. They offer Landlord's Insurance independently from a house insurance because the needs are different. If you’re renting out your property, Trade Me has one of the best insurance options to protect your house from accidental and intentional damages and losses caused by tenants.

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Why sign up for Trade Me House Insurance?

Trade Me puts you at the heart of everything they do — from signing up to an insurance policy to making claims. They provide a dedicated customer service team who’ll help you from start to finish. Trade Me’s services are largely available online to make most of the processes convenient for you. You get a Trade Me House Insurance quote online in just a few clicks on their website, or you can do so through us! Your payment options are diverse, depending on your preferences. If you’re looking for house insurance that’s convenient, Trade Me is one of the most promising providers.

Is Trade Me House Insurance right for me?

Trade Me House Insurance is popular for giving you value for money. You can get an exclusive discount to help you if you’re living in a low-income community or currently facing financial hardship. This makes house insurance accessible, no matter your personal circumstance. You can also get a 15% if you’re a Trade Me member and a 20% multi-policy discount if you have more than one policy with them.

Features of Trade Me House Insurance

Trade Me House Insurance protects your home from the most common accidents to the most unlikely emergencies.

Plus Cover

This option is best for homeowners who want to protect their house with a comprehensive policy.

  • House replacement to the sum insured
  • Full replacement in the case of fire
  • One excess only when you need to make multiple claims under one insured event
  • $20m liability protection
  • $100,000 bodily injury
  • Natural disaster damage
  • No claims bonus
  • $2,000 for gradual damage to your home
  • $2,000 for landscaping
  • $25,000 for garden retaining walls
  • $25,000 for temporary accommodation
  • $1,000 for keys and locks replacement
  • ...and many more!

Landlord’s Plus Cover

You can get exclusive benefits fitting for a landlord. This option protects you from the damages or losses done to your rental property, done by a tenant. You can get the following benefits namely:

  • House replacement to the sum insured to cover for garden retaining walls. 
  • Cover up to 8 months for loss of rental property due to damage
  • Cover up to 8 weeks for loss of rental property due to other reasons
  • $30,000 for Methamphetamine decontamination
  • $20,000 for deliberate damage to property
  • $20,000 for landlord's whiteware and window coverings

Trade Me House Insurance FAQs

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Yes; however, you need to inform Trade Me about your plans otherwise your house will be declared as “unoccupied” if no one looks after it for more than 60 consecutive days. You need to declare that your house will be a vacation home on your certificate of insurance to avoid an additional excess of $1,000 when you make a claim for an “unoccupied” house.

No. Each person who has an insurance policy with Trade Me needs unique contact details. Trade Me requires one email per person because this will be your unique identifier and where they’ll send updates about your insurance.

No. They offer separate insurance for your rental property to ensure your house will be protected from events relating specifically to renting out your home.