Compare: How Much Internet Speed Do You Really Need At Home?

Date Nov 19, 2020
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By Staff Writer

Internet speed is one of the key things you should know before getting a home broadband plan. Unlike other factors like price, location and bandwidth, determining the right internet speed for your needs isn’t very straightforward. There are plenty of factors like household size, common websites accessed, hours of internet usage, and number of devices, among others, that need to be considered. 

Finding the right broadband speed is a bit tricky — that’s why we’re here to help! Find out the internet speed you really need right here.

What is an internet speed?

Coming from the name itself, an internet speed refers to how fast your internet connection is. It’s usually divided by two factors: download and upload speeds. Download speeds determine how quick your broadband can process content such as images, videos, and texts. On the other hand, upload speeds determine how quick your broadband can send content. 

These speeds are usually measured by megabits per second (Mbps), or gigabits per second (Gbps) in some cases. Of course, the higher numbers for both these speeds, the better. It’s important to note that download speeds are usually higher than upload speeds as loading online content needs more data.

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What are the key factors to finding the right internet speed?

As mentioned, knowing the right internet speeds involves considering a lot of factors. Here are the most important considerations to know if you have the right broadband speeds.

Household size

It’s one of the most important determining factors for your internet speeds,  but it’s one of the most neglected. Generally, the more people using the internet, the higher internet speeds you need. However, it still depends on what these people are using the internet for.

Number of devices

In line with the household size, the number of devices connected to the internet is also an important factor. How many smartphones are simultaneously connected to the internet? Do you have broadband-demanding gaming consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X?

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Frequency of connecting to the internet

How many hours a day are these devices connected to the internet? The difference is night and day between connecting your PS5 or Xbox for one or eight hours a day! It’s essential to time your internet usage to get more comprehensive internet speeds.

Streaming needs

For most Kiwis, one of the most common online activities is streaming. How many devices are streaming at once? Does your household stream in 4k? Which websites or applications do you use to stream? These are important questions to know the right internet speeds for you.

How much does a typical family need?

In general, most households consist an average of four members. Here’s a breakdown on the common tasks these members do on the internet, and how much internet speed is needed for it.

Parent/s (Mother and father) Streaming video on Smart TV HD 5.00Mbps
Shopping online 0.03Mbps
Social media on phone 1.03Mbps
Streaming live TV to a Smart TV 10.00Mbps
Working from Home 2.00 Mbps
Texting on Smartphone 1.00Mbps
Teen child Streaming music on Smartphone 1.96 Mbps
Playing online games 3.00Mbps
Middle school-age child Social media on smartphone 1.03Mbps
Doing homework online 1.50Mbps
Streaming music on Alexa 1.51Mbps
Smart devices 2 devices 10.00Mbps
Idle tablets 2 devices 2.00Mbps
Idle AI Assistants 2 devices 2.00Mbps
TOTAL 42.06Mbps

Source: Otelco

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