How to Easily Lower Your Power Bill This Season

Date Jul 16, 2021
Blog category Power
By Staff Writer

During these colder months throughout the country, many Kiwis are noticing an increase on their monthly power bill. While the heat pump stays untouched during Summer, it’s now being used on a daily basis around NZ in order to try and keep warm. Not only does the heat pump get much more use, but other electrical items — such as portable heaters, clothes dryers, dehumidifiers and electric blankets — are now being plugged in and used regularly. The result of this for many Kiwis is a dramatic increase on their electricity bill.

There’s no need to stress just yet though, as there are plenty of things you and the family can do in order to help reduce your power bill. To help you get started, we’ve gathered our top power saving tips for you to use:

Compare power prices & providers

One of the first things we recommend when looking to reduce your electricity bill is to look at your current electricity provider and compare it to other NZ providers. Many people don’t take a second thought on whether their current provider is giving them the best deal on their power — and they could actually be saving hundreds each year by switching to another company.


You can compare electricity plans and providers using our online energy comparison tool. It’s not only free but easy to use, and you can compare, switch, and save within minutes!

Restrict heating usage

It can be very tempting to have your heat pump or portable heater running all day long, so that you can come home to a warm and cosy house — but it can have a huge impact on your power bill! Try to only use your heating system when you’re actually at home, and only heat the room that is being used.

Another thing to consider is — are you using the most efficient heating system? We recommend heat pumps, as they are the cheapest way to warm your home. Gas heaters and wood burners come in at a close second as an efficient home heating.

Limit shower time

While there’s nothing quite like a long, warm 20 minute shower, it can seriously be draining your electricity bill! A one-off long shower is fine, but if every family member is having a long shower on a daily basis, it really does add up quickly. Try and restrict shower time to 10 minutes per person — having an egg timer in the bathroom helps to enforce this.

Did you know that your shower head could be affecting your power bill? If your shower head doesn’t perform well, it could be wasting water. Shower flow restrictors are a great option to help reduce water usage costs.

Close curtains at the right time

Closing your curtains at dusk is a great way to help keep the day’s heat in. Curtains that touch the floor, are fitted close to the window and have a separate lining are the best kind of curtains to help retain warmth in the home. Check out your windows and doors too — they should fit the frames, and if they don’t, try adding draught stopping tape to help stop cold air getting in.


You would be surprised as to how doing these little things around the house can reduce your power bill. Get started on reducing your electricity bill today by comparing local providers and making sure you’re with the best electricity company in NZ.