How to Find the Best Broadband Plan & Provider

Date Jun 2, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Staff Writer


New Zealand internet service providers are getting more and more competitive with their broadband deals. Plans and prices are regularly changing and updating to try and get you to sign up, so it can be hard to know for sure which is the best deal for your situation.

To help you find the best broadband plan and provider, we’ve compiled a list of what you should look for in an internet service provider. 

When it comes to choosing the right broadband package, there are a number of variables to take into account. First of all, you’ll need to decide what type of internet user you are...

Looking Online for the Best Broadband Plan

What kind of internet user are you?

Often, this step is missed out during the research process - but it’s actually an important factor with finding the right broadband deal for your needs. Do you consider yourself to be a light, moderate or heavy broadband user? Here are some things to consider...

  • In a day, how many hours would you spend online?
  • How many internet users are there in your home/office?
  • Is the internet used for personal needs? Business needs? Or a mixture of both?
  • Will anyone be using the internet for online gaming?
  • Do you regularly download high definition TV shows and movies?

Quite often, families are the most heavy internet users - especially in homes where there are teenagers or someone working from home regularly. Heavy internet users should consider unlimited broadband packages when signing up to a new provider.

Households that have only one or two people, or that don’t use a lot of internet can look at smaller usage internet plans. These types of packages would suit light internet users who are mainly using WIFI to check emails, Facebook and browse the internet.

The majority of internet service providers will allow you to downgrade or upgrade your broadband package if you find you’re nowhere near reaching your data allowance, or if you need more data allowance.

What kind of broadband availability do you have in your area?

Broadband availability regularly changes, depending on where you are in New Zealand. If you’re located in a city or town, wireless internet is normally the best option. If you live rurally, you may have to look at other options - such as fixed wireless connection.

The main options for getting broadband in your area are fibre, VDSL or ADSL. With fibre internet fast becoming the most commonly used in NZ, it’s now about $5 - $10 a month cheaper than a VDSL or ADSL connection. We recommend getting a connection to fibre if it is available in your area.

Are you wondering, “Can I get fibre?” - use our handy online tool here to see broadband options in your area.

What is better: a no-contract or contract broadband plan?

When you sign up to a broadband contract, you’ll get a reduced price with both the installation from the ISP as well as the modem (if you don’t already own one). However, not locking yourself in to a contract will provide you with complete freedom and flexibility to switch providers, if you decide you want to change things in the future.

It’s a tricky decision! A lot of internet service providers have realized that it can be hard to lock into a contract, so many of them now offer six month contracts and a free modem (while you stay signed up with them). This is a great option to trial the company and determine whether they are the best option for your requirements. 

Click here to use our free online tool to compare contract vs no contract plans!

Compare internet providers

Now that you have a general idea of the type of broadband package you need, you can begin taking a look at what is out there and what ISP can give you the best price and package.

If you need help through this final selection process, we recommend using our broadband comparison tool - it allows you to compare providers, deals and prices on the latest fibre, ADSL and VDSL plans. 

To help you through this final part of the selection process, we have a great online comparison tool that helps you to compare internet providers and deals. It’ll provide you with all of the latest fibre, VDSL and ADSL plans available and tell you which provider has the best price.