Earn Your Chances, Get Hired Today: A Beginner's Guide To Writing A Resume

Date Feb 1, 2021
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By Staff Writer

Are you currently on a job hunt but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you want to update your resume and change a few things for your next application? If you find yourself stuck between playing it safe or stand out and make a good first impression, we’re here to help you out!

What to put on your resume

Your resume is an overview of your current and previous accomplishments. There you indicate only the important information that your employer needs so they can assess your skills and potential. When you have a good resume at hand, it will be easier to land a job, may it be in a big company or a startup. 

Key items to include in your resume 

  1. Basic information about yourself (complete name, email address, and phone number)
  2. Opening Statement
  3. Work History
  4. Soft Skills and Technical Skills
  5. Education
  6. Credentials and certifications
  7. Achievements 
  8. Additional info (Community Involvement, Volunteering)

How to write a profile on your resume

Writing a resume is really all about selling yourself, and putting out information that is relevant to what you're applying for. It differs depending on the field or industry you’re applying in, but generally, you should specifically include work experience and skills that are significant to the work or industry. 

Less is more

One thing about applicants is they sometimes oversell themselves in their resumes and end up being rejected. Take note that you're sending a brief summary of your job expertise and not an autobiography. If you can include all of your past work experience in one or two pages, you might as well do that. Easy for newbies without experience at all, but those who had much longer experience in several jobs should learn how to curate the information they provide. 

Summary vs. Objective

Is a summary statement the same as objective on your resume?

Not really. A summary statement is a short description of why you are a good fit for the role. You can get away without including this on your resume but if you’re a newbie with little experience, this could be a great way to introduce yourself to a hiring manager. 

Aside from learning about the company, take time to know what kind of candidate they’re most interested in. Make a list of questions that you would ask yourself if you were the HR and start from there. This will serve as your guideline for creating an impressive summary statement in your resume. It also helps to checkout forums such as Glassdoor and Reddit to see the company culture and what to expect during the application process.

Keep these questions in mind when writing your summary:

  • What skills do they look for?
  • What skills do you have that can contribute to the company? 
  • What achievements can best illustrate your abilities?


Current Executive Assistant. Versatile and efficient with 5+ years experience assisting managers and executives. Diversified skills include project management, administrative support, client relations, recruitment, and human resources. Excellent customer and digital communication skills.


An objective, on the other hand, is a much narrowed down statement that describes your career goals and work expectations. It should provide the interviewer with what you’re looking forward to in the next years or if you ever get hired for the job. 

Key notes when writing an objective:

  • Go straight to the point. Don’t be vague and include exactly what position you want. 
  • Avoid exceeding three sentences. You want HR to pay attention to your resume so it’s best if you keep it short and simple.
  • Don’t make it about yourself. Always consider what the company is looking for and what your prospective position is demanding for. 


An accomplished marketing coordinator with over 5 years of experience in advertising, brand awareness, and social media support looking to leverage extensive background in mass communication and departmental management into an entry-level HR associate position with ABC Company.

How to write a resume for retail with no experience

It’s no secret that retail is among the most in-demand industries these days. They can be found everywhere and can be accessed virtually anywhere, making job applications and hiring a lot easier. If you’re thinking of going into retail for your first job, you need to have a resume that will stand out even for a beginner like yourself. 

A good resume includes using the right words especially when describing yourself and your achievements. 

Words you can use to introduce yourself:

  • Able
  • Experience
  • Flexible 
  • Dependable
  • Creative 
  • Hardworking
  • Innovative 
  • Motivated 
  • Organised 
  • Reliable

Words to use when enumerating your achievements:

  • Delivered
  • Competed
  • Identified 
  • Achieved
  • Managed
  • Participated
  • Supervised

What job candidates can do to increase their chances of getting hired is to be creative with their resume.

How to create a resume template 

A resume template is generally plain, simple, and easy to read. It’s the safest choice to go with specifically if you’re applying for a corporate position. But if you’re applying for freelance jobs, which don’t require any formality, you get to design your resume as you please. 

Free to use resume template

Not everyone is gifted with an eye for design. Good thing there are online graphic design platforms where you can write a resume for free and allow you to recreate different templates for different types of job applications. You can also have your photo attached to your resume, which is an added feature in most design apps. 

In case you find yourself ruminating on your resume, you can always consult the internet for examples of how to write one especially if it's your first time applying. The likes of Canva can help new artists create their own digital portfolio.

Many companies look for new candidates on job listings online. So it’s best that you have a reliable broadband connection at home for updates and job opportunities you may stumble upon while browsing the internet. Good luck!