Adulting 101: Where To Learn Basic Life Skills Online

Date Feb 16, 2021
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By Staff Writer

No man is an island — but that doesn’t mean you need to rely on someone all the time!

To grow as an individual — or as an adult, if you will — you'll need to learn some basic life skills. It's not just for your own good, but also for the people around you. You're someone they can depend on even when things aren't going well.

So where to start, you ask? Well, just about everything from cooking, gardening, woodworking, car repairs, sewing, and plumbing are available online. You'll only need to find the best e-learning platform for you.

Here are the best online learning platforms to help you get started with practical life skills.


By now you've probably heard of Skillshare from a YouTube ad, or sponsorship with your favourite vlogger. It’s an online learning platform for a variety of skills — from academics like maths and science, professional such as marketing and coding, to life skills such as knife sharpening and family budgeting.

Skillshare offers a lot of free courses, but you may have to pay the premium for some of their lessons and courses. is written by experts and authors all over the world. It discusses different topics and subjects that may interest you. It contains blogs, texts, videos, files, templates, as well as interactive widgets to help you learn at your own pace. It also features public channels, people, guides, and public hubs.

Sign up for a free account with to start learning. Note that you may have to pay for some courses and lessons.



You may not consider Excel and Spreadsheets as a vital life skill, but it can be very helpful for your personal and professional lives.  If you want an easy way to do this very daunting task, you should visit! They teach you anything from the basics, tasks you can accomplish in Excel, as well as shortcuts and hotkeys.

Most courses and lessons at Chandoo are free! Although, there are some paid components for more advanced lessons.


Want a step-by-step guide on how to cook, dance, or do your make up? Howcast is a great resource for you! It collects videos from all kinds of categories, including health and wellness, home and garden, tech and gadgets, love and relationships, and many others. They even include hacks for niche topics like magic tricks and office hacks!

If you want comprehensive how-to videos, Howcast is free for all! You don’t even have to pay even a single penny to start learning today.


Coursera is an online learning platform by Stanford University. As expected, they offer tons of quality resources for basic life skills like maths and accounting, investing, public speaking, communication, and more! They have collaborations with leading companies and universities so you can trust that their courses follow international standards.

They charge small fees for their courses. But the great thing is, you get to receive a certificate after completing their courses successfully. That's one great motivation for you!

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Teaching kids can be a handful, especially for first-time parents! Luckily, TeachMama can help you teach your kids of all ages! From early childhood, toddlers, pre-teens to teens, they help you with the necessary lessons for your kids. Teach your kids readings, writings, maths, and science, digital literacy, as well as house activities like laundry and cleaning the bathroom.

TeachMama has plenty of resources, books, and other stuff you can access for free!


It’s not only kids who are slow at reading, but a lot of adults too! Spreeder can help you read fast and more accurately. This can help you in a variety of things, especially as you’ll likely read to accomplish a lot of activities for the rest of your life. You can learn not only to read faster but also productively from popular news and tech publications such as BuzzFeed and LifeHacker.

Like most online resources in this list, Spreeder has both free and paid versions.


YouTube isn’t only for entertainment! Different educational channels teach a thing or two about basic life skills like how to tie a tie, shave your beard, and many other daily chores! Dad, how do I?, Crash Course, eHow, and 5-Minute Crafts are only some of the best channels to visit. It’s an ever-growing resource, so you’ll never run out of channels to watch.

YouTube is a free website that anyone can visit — no need to sign up! However, you'll need to create an account to subscribe to your favourite channels, like, or leave a comment.

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LinkedIn is more popular as a professional networking website, but there are loads of other things you can learn from the app as well! Basic computer skills, keyboard typing, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, as well as writing your own resume and cover letter are just some of the lessons you can take advantage of in the platform.

You may need to create an account to access LinkedIn. Some courses are free, but of course, others will need you to pay for a premium to get started.

Social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok may be designed as entertainment and networking tool, but these can also provide you with useful life skills and hacks. Granted, of course, that you follow the right content creators. Simply join groups, pages, and forums, watch videos, read posts and comments — and learn life skills now!

You'll need to sign up for an account to get access and full features! Most of all, these platforms are fully free upon signing up.

Learn seamlessly today!

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