Why Choose 2Degrees?

Why signup with 2degrees?

Who doesn’t want affordable mobile plans? Aside from offering some of the cheapest mobile plans in NZ, they also go big on perks and discounts that you won’t find elsewhere.

One of the many 2degrees mobile deal features that you can take advantage of is “WiFi calling” – a feature that allows you to make phone calls using WiFi, wherever you are. This is a good service as you won’t have to worry about bad reception or additional charges when you need to make a call.

Is 2degrees the best provider for you?

If you’re after some of the most comprehensive and flexible mobile deals in New Zealand, 2degrees is the right provider for you!

They want you to handle your own mobile plans according to your preferences, which is why they give you tons of options and additional extras. Plus, they have some of the widest coverage among mobile providers, covering 97% of the country!

Types of 2degrees Broadband Plans

2degrees Prepaid Plans

2degrees prepaid plans come in different varieties, so there’s always something to fit what you need. These plans start at only $10 a month, which is particularly low compared to their competitors. You can also top up these plans with volumes of data, minutes and texts with roaming options.

2degrees Pay Monthly Plans

2degrees pay monthly plans are great for those who want worry-free billing, as you’ll be charged at the same time every month. You also have the freedom to set up automatic payments, so you won’t have to constantly make sure your account has enough credit to renew your plan each month.

2degrees Unlimited Data Plans

2degrees mobile deals offer unlimited data plans, perfect for those who need to be online through the day and night. This is also suitable for Kiwis who constantly make video conference calls, download large files, or binge-watch Netflix.

2degrees Rollover Plans

It’s disappointing to see your data go away after a month, especially if you’ve barely used it. For this, you can trust 2degrees’ rollover plans. Through this plan, you can save big on your monthly bill, as you can use your rollover data instead of having to purchase more in the next months.

2degrees FAQ

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It’s super affordable! You can purchase a 2degrees mobile deal for as low as $10 a month (prepaid). This excludes benefits that you may need, like data rollover.

It’s a mobile app developed by 2degrees that lets you buy set minutes in which you can enjoy unlimited data.

Yes, you can! Simply buy a new SIM and follow the steps on the packet on how to switch over your phone number.

Any unused data, minutes, or texts in any month will be carried over to the following months (as long as you keep your mobile plan active).