Why Choose Skinny?

Why signup with Skinny?

Cheap is an understatement to describe the prices of Skinny! If you’re tired of paying for extras in your plan that you don’t need, then you’ve found the right provider.

Some Kiwis may find Skinny Mobile’s simplified rates to be a limitation, because of the absence of pay monthly plans. However, for most people, their data plans and prepaid packs deliver everything you need out of a mobile plan.

Is Skinny the best provider for you?

If you need someone you can trust to give the most value for your money, then Skinny plans are the best mobile provider for you.

It’s evident that Kiwis trust their services, as they were recognised with numerous awards such as the Consumer Trusted 2016-18, Consumer NZ People's Choice 2016-18, Canstar Blue 'Most Satisfied Customers' mobile prepaid 2015-18, and Canstar Blue 'Most Satisfied Customers’.

Types of Skinny Broadband Plans

Skinny Prepaid Plans

Skinny’s prepaid plans are the only option on offer, as they like to keep things as simple as possible. This plan includes roaming packages, unlimited options, and “the works”, for as low as $16 per month. Prices vary depending on the data, calls and text that you need.

Skinny Unlimited Data Plans

Skinny are known to be a cost-effective choice for mobile plans, so it’s no surprise that even their unlimited data plans are cheap! For as low as $70 per month, you can use data, texts, and calls all you want, without any worries of running out.

Skinny Rollover Plans

It’s always disappointing to not be able to use your unused calls, data, and texts simply because they expire each month. This is why Skinny plans give you the choice to rollover it to the next month. Through this, you won’t have to worry about having to buy extra data ever again, as you can just use your rolled-over data in the next month.

Skinny Roaming Plans

Skinny roaming plans cover all your mobile needs across all corners of the globe. What’s great about this offering is that you can easily purchase it as an add-on via the My Skinny Mobile app. Whether you’re in Asia or America, all you need is their handy app for your roaming.

Skinny FAQ

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It’s incredibly affordable! Skinny’s mobile deals start at just $5 a week, and go up to $70 a month.

They do! You can download it from the App Store for IOS or Google Play Store for Android. This app is useful for monitoring your current plan and for adding on any extras you may need.

Yes, you can!  Just pick up a Skinny Mobile SIM pack and follow the instruction on how to switch over your number.

Skinny’s ‘Buddy Rewards’ system gives you great rewards and freebies whenever one of your friends sign up to them upon your recommendation.