Slingshot Plans

Since launching in 1996, Slingshot has been on a mission to challenge the telco industry and fight to give Kiwi families better value internet, backed by awesome service.

Slingshot knows how important it is to be connected online, but also knows that getting there can be a little confusing and often more trouble than it needs to be. They've worked hard to make Slingshot simple, affordable and stress-free - because they know you've got more important things spend your time on than fiddling round with your internet.

Slingshot has recently launched mobile and roaming plans. They offer a variety of different mobile plans that you can find for your needs. The benefits of Slingshot Mobile and Roaming Plans are:

- Easy SIM set up and number porting. The Slingshot SIM is easy to set up. Just snap out the right size, dial 6886 to activate it and then register it at to start the process of transferring your existing number over.
- Save with bundle discounts. If you are a Slingshot Broadband customer, they will knock $5 off your mobile plan bill every 30 days – for each mobile account you have with Slingshot. More accounts = more savings.
- Available nationwide. Slingshot Mobile is provided via the Spark network. You can bring your own number too (so long as it's a NZ mobile of course!).
- Great range of add-ons. Purchase a bunch of handy data, calling or text add-ons or top-up your mobile with Cash Allowance dollars to make international calls or send premium SMS messages like PXTs.
- Prepay mobile with postpay billing. With Slingshot Mobile you have the price certainty of a prepay mobile service, with the convenience of being billed on your monthly Slingshot invoice.

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