Why Choose Slingshot?

Why signup with Slingshot?

Slingshot Mobile NZ are the third-largest provider in the country, which speaks volume about the trust that Kiwis have for them.

As they’re backed by an awesome customer service team, you can make sure that the entire setup process is made quick and easy for you. If you encounter any concerns while setting up your mobile plan, you know that there’s someone there happy and ready to help you.

Is Slingshot the best provider for you?

If you like the idea of bundling your broadband and mobile plans together under the one provider, then you’ve found the right provider with Slingshot!

On top of their affordable rates, they offer big discounts and savings of up to $5 a month if you sign up your other utilities with them. This is of particular value for students who are moving away from home for the first time, or Kiwis who don’t like dealing with lots of bills.

Types of Skinny Mobile Plans

Slingshot Mobile Plans

With Slingshot Mobile, you can only take advantage of their affordable and great value mobile plans if you sign up to a broadband deal with them first. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a mobile plan for as low as $20 per month!

Skinny Rollover Plans

Aside from offering great bundle deals, Slingshot Mobile NZ also offer rollover plans! This is great for those who aren’t overly consistent with their data usage. So, if you don’t consume all your data, texts, or calls in one month, it will be rolled over to the following months.

Slingshot Roaming Plans

No matter where you are in the world, you can take advantage of Slingshot’s plans through their roaming services. Just make sure that you renew it in your packages before it runs out on the set date.

Slingshot Mobile Plan FAQ

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Slingshot offer affordable mobile plans, ranging from $20 to $80 per month. As your plan gets more expensive, expect to receive more additional benefits.

Slingshot’s casual mobile rates only apply to MMS and directory assistance calls.

Yes! Simply buy a new SIM and transfer your number according to the instructions given.

Slingshot give you lots of options to pay for your plan. This includes paying your bill online, over text or via voucher.