Most Popular Energy-Efficient Home Appliances of 2020

Date Oct 30, 2020
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By Staff Writer

There’s a simple hack to save on your power bills — get energy-efficient home appliances! Even if you drastically reduce the time of your power consumption, it will still cost you tons of money if the appliances you use consume a lot of energy. Getting energy-efficient appliances is a smart choice if you want to save money in the long run. When it comes to appliance longevity and efficiency, it’s always quality over price.

Here are the most-loved energy-efficient appliances, according to the Most Efficient 2020 list of Energy Star.


One of the most energy-demanding appliances is refrigerators. They need to keep on running 24/7 so food won’t easily spoil. Of course, the larger your fridge is, the more it consumes electricity. Some larger households also have designated freezers for their perishable goods. The most common sizes of refrigerators are compact and standard.

Compact refrigerators

These refrigerators generally have 1.5-7.6 cubic feet capacity, with an annual energy use of 155-260 kilowatt-hour. Some of the most popular compact refrigerator brands are Avanti, LG, Coca-Cola, and Igloo. The most famous models include:

  • Avanti RM16J1B-IS
    • Total volume capacity: 1.6ft3
    • Annual energy use: 158kWh/yr
  • Igloo IRF16RSBK
    • Total volume capacity: 1.6ft3
    • Annual energy use: 176kWh/yr
  • LG LKIM0812
    • Total volume capacity: 7.6ft3
    • Annual energy use: 169kWh/yr
  • Midea WHD-125FBS2 
    • Total volume capacity: 3.4ft3
    • Annual energy use: 260kWh/yr

Standard refrigerators

This refrigerator type is the most common ones you can see in households with at least 4-5 members. Unlike compact refrigerators, these commonly have two doors — one designated for freezing and one designated for regular cooling. Some bigger standard refrigerators even have three doors — two for regular cooling and one for a freezing. Some popular standard fridges are:

    • Total volume capacity: 18.1ft3
    • Annual energy use: 383kWh/yr 
  • Hotpoint HTH18EBDCC
    • Total volume capacity: 18.1ft3
    • Annual energy use: 383kWh/yr 
  • Kenmore 68892 and 6889
    • Total volume capacity: 18.2ft3
    • Annual energy use: 383kWh/yr 

Clothes Washers

Washers are one of the most used home appliances for Kiwi households. To power them, you need electricity and water, which makes for a heavier consumption. Washers don’t just need to be energy-efficient, its function also demands it to be water-efficient. Washers can last up to 11 years, given you maintain them at their prime condition. 

The most popular washer brands and models include:

  • Frigidaire FAFS4272LW
    • Volume: 3.81ft3
    • Annual energy use: 96kWh/yr
    • Annual water use: 4,929gal/yr
  • LG WM2140CW
    • Volume: 3.5ft3
    • Annual energy use: 97kWh/yr
    • Annual water use: 4,761gal/yr
  • Whirlpool WFW9050XW
    • Volume: 3.5ft3
    • Annual energy use: 125kWh/yr
    • Annual water use: 4,883gal/yr
  • Samsung WF56H91
    • Volume: 5.6ft3
    • Annual energy use: 135kWh/yr
    • Annual water use: 4,426gal/yr
  • Electrolux EFLS527
    • Volume: 4.3ft3
    • Annual energy use: 75kWh/yr
    • Annual water use: 4,059gal/yr

Clothes Dryers

Dryers aren’t seen as a necessity during its earlier years, because there’s always the sun to dry clothes. However, their significant improvements have made them more popular. To make this appliance energy-efficient, manufacturers are including air sensors and air-dry options, aside from the permanent press and spinning mechanism. Some dryers are combined with a washer to save space and energy.

Some of the most energy-efficient clothes dryers of 2020 are:

  • Miele PDR908 HP
    • Drum Capacity: 4.61ft3
    • Combined energy factor: 9.75CEF
    • Annual energy use: 245kWh/yr
  • Samsung DV22N685
    • Drum Capacity: 4.01ft3
    • Combined energy factor: 5.85CEF
    • Annual energy use: 145kWh/yr
  • Beko HPD24400W
    • Drum Capacity: 4.1ft3
    • Combined energy factor: 5.7CEF
    • Annual energy use: 149kWh/yr
  • Asko T208H.W.U
    • Drum Capacity: 3.9ft3
    • Combined energy factor: 4.5CEF
    • Annual energy use: 189kWh/yr

Air Conditioners

During the hot summer months, the best way to cool down is air conditioning units. While they give you comfort, they also cost a ton of money to power. There are different types of air conditioners — split, window, portable, ductless, and more. The most preferred unit of many Kiwis are window types with cooling capacity of 8,000-22,000 British thermal unit per hour.

The most popular air conditioning unit brands and models are:

  • Midea MAW08V1QWT
    • Cooling Capacity: 8,000Btu/hr
    • Combined energy efficiency ration: 15CEER
    • Annual energy use: 400kWh/yr
  • LG LW1517IVSM
    • Cooling Capacity: 14,000Btu/hr
    • Combined energy efficiency ration: 14.7CEER
    • Annual energy use: 714.3kWh/yr
  • LG LW2217IVSM
    • Cooling Capacity: 22,000Btu/hr
    • Combined energy efficiency ration: 14.5CEER
    • Annual energy use: 1,137.9kWh/yr

Save costs on your power bill

If you got these home appliances for your home but are still paying more on your power bill, it may be because you’re on the wrong plan! Most power providers offer low-user plan and standard-user plan, which takes into account the size of your home, number of household members, and more. Make sure to get the right plan for you to avoid unnecessary costs.

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