New Zealand’s Physical Distancing Rules for Every Alert Level

Date Oct 13, 2020
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By Staff Writer

New Zealand is one of the top countries when it comes to combating COVID-19. Amidst the country’s strict security restrictions and enhanced medical precautions, however, the virus is still very much alive, lurking out there and simply waiting for a suitable host. 

That’s why it’s important to follow even the simplest measures like the physical distancing guidelines. If you’re still confused about the different alert levels in NZ, we got you! Here’s what you need to know about the country’s physical distancing rule for every alert level.

Alert Level 4 - Lockdown

Alert Level 4 indicates a full-on lockdown. The disease isn’t contained by the local and national government. There’s a high likelihood of mass transmission in the community as well as widespread outbreaks, especially in populated areas. 

The government strongly recommends to stay at home, and to only go out only for essential activities such as buying groceries and medicines. All gatherings, public events, educational facilities, and nationwide recreational activities are cancelled. Domestic travel is allowed but heavily discouraged.

Physical distancing measure of 2 metres at all times

It’s required to keep at least a 2-metre distance at all times. Though there aren’t a lot of people outside due to activity restrictions, it’s still advisable to keep your distance when you interact with people.

Alert Level 3 - Restrict

Alert Level 3 means that the government is utilising strict medical efforts to contain the disease. However, there’s still a high likelihood of multiple community transmissions, as well as clusters of active cases across different regions. 

The government instructs people to stay at home, other than essential movements. Local gatherings, work, school, and early childhood education centres are open but occupants shouldn’t exceed 10 people. Inter-regional travel is possible, but should be kept at minimum (except for critical workers or frontliners).

Physical distancing measure of 2-metres in public

If you’re in public areas, a physical distancing measure of 2 metres should be observed at all times. Otherwise, you can keep a 1-metre distance in controlled environments such as schools, workplaces, and gatherings.

Alert Level 2 - Reduce

Alert Level 2 specifies that the disease is contained, but a slight chance of community transmission still exists. Although the disease is generally controlled, there can still be active clusters of community transmission in more than one region.

The government allows up to 100 people for gatherings like weddings, birthdays and funerals, and tangihanga. Businesses can operate as long as there’s strict physical distancing and record keeping. Public venues including museums, libraries, and sporting events can also operate with a maximum of 100 people.

Physical distancing measure of 1-metre in controlled areas

While it’s still advisable to keep a 2-metre distance in public, you can keep a distance of 1-metre in controlled areas like schools, workplaces, and recreational places, as long there’s a strict record-keeping.


Alert Level 1 - Prepare

NZ is currently on Alert Level 1, which means the local and national agencies are able to contain the virus. Although there are still a few active cases, it’s all isolated cases and mostly come from overseas.

The government directs the public to still follow COVID-19 protocols, even if the risk for acquiring the disease is low. You’re also obliged to stay at home if you’re feeling unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms. Schools and workplaces can operate legally, given that they follow strict health measures and record keeping.

Physical distancing measure of 1-metre where practicable

No room for complacence: though there aren’t strict measures of physical distancing in this alert level, it’s still advisable to keep your face masks on and maintain a 1-metre distance all the time. It’s also important to keep track of where you’ve been and who you've interacted with.

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