NZ Mobile Providers Launch 5G Mobile Roaming Plans

Date Nov 3, 2020
Blog category Mobile Phone
By Staff Writer

Leading mobile plan providers are now equipping their 5G phone plans with roaming! Vodafone NZ has just launched 5G mobile plans with international roaming packs, available in selected countries worldwide.

According to the company’s Wholesale and Infrastructure Director Tony Baird, “Some might call us incredibly optimistic to launch 5G roaming with international travel off the table, but much of our work is about investing ahead of time to be ready for future demand.”

This move of Vodafone is expected to lead other leading NZ providers to launch 5G mobile plans as well. Enabling local networks to work internationally involves plenty of work with the providers of other countries. Here’s how mobile providers enable 5G roaming mobile plans.

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How 5G roaming works

Unlike the previous mobile generation, 5G roaming works through Security Edge Protection Proxy for a more secured connection. Its purpose is similar to the relay between Visited Public Land Mobile Network and Home Public Land Mobile Network that its predecessors use.

In simpler terms, 5G roaming works just like other roaming generations. However, it uses more advanced technologies to deliver better services, connectivity, and security. Message prioritisation, overload protection, and routing are also done better in this tech.

How is it of any value for you?

Of course, having 5G mobile plans is not just limited to high-speed services in New Zealand, but in other countries as well. It future-proofs your plan to take advantage of establishing 5G networks worldwide. While you can only get to use it in several locations today, it won’t be long until you can use it in all corners of the world.

Another great thing is roaming plans are becoming affordable! Vodafone NZ offers overseas mobile networks for only $7 for daily roaming. This encourages more Kiwis to call, text, and communicate overseas without worrying about astronomical costs to pay back home.

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Where can you use NZ 5G Roaming?

Vodafone NZ has become the first provider in New Zealand to enable 5G mobile roaming. They recently launched their services in Australia, Taiwan, Latvia, and Finland — and there’s more to come! The company also announced several works on the way. Other local mobile providers are processing more and more contracts with foreign providers as well.

While it’s unlikely to travel to Finland, Latvia, and Taiwan anytime soon, nearby Australia is expected to be where Kiwis will flock to in the next few months. “Australia is usually the most popular destination for Vodafone customers, and we want to ensure 5G roaming is in place for when international travel across the Tasman resumes, as part of our efforts to future-proof our network,” the Vodafone Director said.

Which providers offer 5G mobile roaming plans?

For now, only Vodafone offers 5G mobile roaming plans. “We already have the largest 5G network in Aotearoa, with more than triple the 5G mobile population coverage of any other provider - meaning we offer 5G mobile services in more places, and covering more people, in parts of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. We’re now extending that reach internationally.” Director Baird added.

The great news is more providers like Spark, 2degrees, and Kogan are also finalising their 5G mobile roaming plans. So when travel fully reopens, you can easily take advantage of the 5G networks in different countries — be it in North America, Europe, or Asia.

Be updated when your current mobile provider releases their 5G roaming plan offerings. Compare the best 5G phone roaming plans using our mobile comparison tool here at CompareBear.