ANZ Personal Loans NZ

As the largest bank operating in New Zealand, you can rely on ANZ personal loans to boost your funds in a pinch, letting you reach your financial goals faster. You can get a wide selection of products and services to choose from when browsing their catalogue, so you can rest assured that there is a deal that fits your needs.

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Personal Loan Calculator
anz personal loans nz

Why Choose ANZ Personal Loans NZ?

ANZ provides a wealth of options for you, whether you’re looking to finance a wedding, go on a new trip, purchase a new vehicle, or plan a special event. Their loan offerings are also simple and easy to understand while providing you with a customisable system that helps tailor the best offers to your needs.

They can also help you plan out your repayments using their calculator tool. Try out ANZ Personal Loan Calculator here.

What can I use my Personal Loans for?

Debt Consolidation

You can combine your different debts like store cards, car loans, credit cards, hire purchases, and even combine all your other personal loans into one. It allows you to pay them off easier as you only need to track one payment instead of multiple ones with different deadlines.

Consolidating your loan via ANZ’s debt consolidation services is also handy thanks to their fixed interest rates. You don’t need to struggle changing rates as well.

Weddings and Special Events

Make organising easier with the help of ANZ Personal Loans in NZ. Costs can easily add up whenever you’re planning your event, including guest accommodations, photographers, catering, and other items. With a personal loan, you can extend your funds further while providing you a structured repayment plan that makes paying off the loan easier.

Car Loans/Vehicle Loans

Planning on buying your first car? Upgrading to your more preferred model or maybe upsizing for the family? You can use ANZ Personal Loans to finance your new vehicle purchase. It doesn’t even have to be a car. Even if you’re purchasing a bike, a boat, a used vehicle, or a brand new one, you can rely on ANZ’s structured repayment scheme to easily buy your vehicle of choice while paying off your loans in no time.

Home Improvement

From small fixes to massive changes, you can easily finance your home improvement plans with a personal loan from ANZ. If you already have a home loan with ANZ, you can also go with a home loan top-up as an alternative.

Travel Loans

Got an upcoming holiday or long trip planned? Extend your budget for flights, accommodation, and more with the help of a holiday loan from ANZ. Cover your travel costs without worrying about missing your payments with the help of ANZ’s structured repayment plan.

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You can borrow any amount from $3,000 to $40,000 with an ANZ Personal Loan.

You need to provide the following items in order to get approved:

  • Your personal tax details, including your Foreign Tax Identification Number (TIN) if you are a tax resident of another country
  • Details regarding your income, expenses, assets, or other debts you may have
  • Your ANZ account number or customer number

All NZ citizens or residents with more than a year left on their work visa that are 18 years or older with a regular income are eligible for an ANZ Personal Loan.