ASB Personal Loans NZ

As one of NZ’s leading loan providers, ASB has been in operation for over 150 years, providing financial products and services to many NZ residents. Their terms are very flexible, allowing you to tailor your terms based on your preferences. This makes ASB Personal Loans in NZ, one of the best you can use to finance your next goals.

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Personal Loan Calculator
asb personal loans nz

Why Choose ASB Personal Loans NZ?

ASB offers several perks for people taking out personal loans from them. For one, you’re guaranteed to a flat rate for your loans, allowing you to plan out your repayments in advance. You can easily keep track of these records online as well, using their website or their Mobile Banking app. Application is easy as well, with only a 3-step process for your loan approval.

If you’re ready to take the first step into reaching your financial goals with the help of ASB Personal Loans in NZ, simply hop over their ASB Personal Loans Calculator to get an accurate estimate!

What can I do with ASB Personal Loans in NZ?

ASB Car Loans

Need a new pair of wheels or upgrading to a bigger or more efficient car? You can use your ASB Personal Loan for a new car purchase.

ASB Travel Loans

Take a few days off from your daily grind with a quick holiday. Stretch your getaway budget a little further with the help of ASB’s travel loans!

ASB Education Loans

Learn new skills or enter your child into a program of their choosing with the help of an education loan from ASB! Focus on your studies without worrying about rates and deadlines for your loans!

ASB Home Renovation Loans

Build your living space into your dream home with the help of ASB’s home renovation loans. Fix up any damages and even extend your budget for a home makeover at an affordable rate with ASB!

ASB Wedding Loans

Ready for the big day? ASB’s wedding loans are perfect for couples looking to tie the knot in their dream wedding without breaking the bank!

Debt Consolidation

Pay off your debts without the stress and hassle with the help of debt consolidation services! Don’t worry about tracking individual interest rates and deadlines when you use ASB’s debt consolidation loans!

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You need to keep these fees in mind when you’re taking out a loan from ASB:

  • $99 loan processing fee
  • $25 personal property security registration
  • Around $10 monthly unarranged overdraft fee

Any NZ citizen over 18 and above will be able to borrow any amount over $2,000.

Yes. You can pay off your personal loan any time without worrying about early repayment fees and other charges.