Finance Direct Personal Loans NZ

Providing financial services to NZ residents since 1999, Finance Direct offers an easy lending process for all types of loans, which includes property and business financing, debt consolidation, and personal loans. They conduct a peer to peer lending service, allowing them to accommodate people’s specific preferences. Finance Direct Personal Loans in NZ offers very competitive rates and terms tailored to people’s credit profile.

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Why Choose Finance Direct Loan?

As a community-based company, Finance Direct focuses on providing personal loan for housing, auto-repairs, insurance, and other personal needs. You can secure up to $200,000 for any purpose you may need it for.

100% Online!

You don’t have to set an appointment with a financial advisor in order to acquire a loan from Finance Direct. You can access their deals online using your PC, phone, and tablet. Prime borrowers can even take advantage of the best rates in the market. Even their customer support is available online, providing help when you need it!

Fast Loan Processing

Applying for a personal loan with Finance Direct only takes a day for you to be approved! Upon submitting your application, Finance Direct’s administration team will immediately contact you within 24 hours after verifying your profile.

Flexible Repayments

Make your repayments more manageable and straightforward with Finance Direct. They’ll take into account your work history, credit history, financial capacity, and any securities you offer up. This allows you to acquire the repayment terms and schedule that best fits your circumstances.

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You can borrow any amount starting at $2,000 up to $200,000, depending on factors like any securities you offer, your financial capacity, your income, and of course, your credit history.

Finance Direct’s interest rates range from 3.39% to 24.95% depending on the loan you take out, making it very competitive with other providers.

No, they do not require you to have an impressive credit rating in order to be approved for Finance Direct’s Personal Loans. However, they may require additional guarantees and perhaps, a higher interest rate when you apply.