Finance Now Personal Loans NZ

Founded in 2000, Finance Now is a New Zealand loans company that easily provides great value offers for your financial needs. From holiday loans to debt consolidation, you are sure to find a product that would cover all your preferences. Finance Now Personal Loans in NZ is a good way to fund your next venture or big-ticket purchase.

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finance now personal loans nz

Why Choose Finance Now Personal Loans NZ?

With a special focus on retail items and personal loans, Finance Now is a great option for people looking to apply for personal loans for big-ticket purchases. It’s a trusted and well-established finance company, so you can be sure of their reliability when it comes to helping you plan your repayments. Applying for a loan is pretty easy too as you can easily apply online.

You can also use the Finance Now Personal Loan Calculator to get a more accurate read of what your final interest rates would be.

Types of Finance Now Personal Loans in NZ

Unsecured Personal Loans

Finance your next venture with the help of unsecured personal loans. While the overall amount you can borrow is lower and the interest slightly higher, you can borrow an amount without needing to risk an asset of yours, making it useful for people without a lot of valuables but with a generally good credit history. Interest rates for Finance Now’s unsecured loans typically range from 16.95% to 29.95%.

Secured Personal Loans

Pledge an asset you’re willing to use as collateral in order to be approved for a secured personal loan from Finance Now. This can help you borrow a larger amount and even reduce the interest rate of your loan, making it easier to make your payments. Interest rates for secured loans typically range from 12.95% to 24.95%.

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Keep in mind the following fees and charges should you decide to apply for a loan:

  • A $180 Establishment Fee
  • $3.50 for Third-party correspondence and statement requests
  • $10 Administration charge for Third-party costs
  • Refund overpayment when there’s less than $10 of account balance
  • $95 Loan Variation
  • $2.50 Monthly Service Fee
  • $3.15 Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) fee

You can borrow anything from $1,000 to $20,000.

Yes. You can apply for debt consolidation loans with Finance Now. You can even use their built-in calculator to help you compute a more accurate estimate to help plan your repayments.