Harmoney Personal Loans NZ

Acquire quick personal loans from NZ’s leading peer to peer lending service in Harmoney Personal Loans. Regulated by the New Zealand Financial Market Authority, you can be sure of their trustworthiness as a lender, with most of their capital coming from local sources, boosting the country’s local economy.

Harmoney seeks to help and inspire people attain their financial goals with simple and easy-to-use products and services. And our purpose is to help you determine if their deals are the best fit for your needs by comparing different personal loan providers in NZ with CompareBear!

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Why Choose Harmoney?

Harmoney Personal Loans in NZ is your best bet for higher chances of personal loan approval . There’s no complicated processes or procedures to keep track of, allowing you to apply and send in your documents  right away.

Get your money fast!

No need for long queues and face-to-face meetings.

Get adjusted interest rates!

Interest rates are based on your individual credit assessment instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, helping you plan out your finances and repayments easier.

Easy online approval

Experience fast turnaround on your personal loans. Once approved, expect your loan to be deposited in just 1-3 business days!

What Loans can I get from Harmoney?

Car Loans

Thinking of buying a new vehicle for getting around NZ? Harmoney’s auto loan may just be the boost you need to complete your purchase.

Education Loans

Reduce the stress of keeping up with your kids’ education payments with the help of Harmoney.

Medical Loans

Facing big medical bills at the hospital? You can pay them off early with the help of Harmoney’s medical loans!

Holiday Loans

Thinking of visiting family or heading to a favorite travel destination? Boost your funds with the help of Holiday Loans!

Wedding Loans

Ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. Harmoney’s Wedding Loans can help you create your ideal wedding scenario.

Business Loans

Kickstart your business’ growth with a personalised Business Loan from Harmoney! Get your operations in gear today!

Home Renovation

Improve your living space today! Harmoney’s Home Improvement Loans may just be what you need to transform your home into your ideal living space today!

Debt Consolidation

Pay off all your outstanding debts without needing to track down individual details and deadlines with Debt Consolidation! Harmoney’s service can help you reduce debt and attain stability faster!

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Harmoney’s criteria isn’t that difficult. You just need to be a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen and you need to be 18 years old. You also need to be earning a stable income for repaying your loan later.

Harmoney charges an upfront, one-off Establishment Fee, which is added to the approved loan amount and interest is charged on the total amount. There are other charges such as dishonour fees, overdue fees, and even legal fees but only when they’re applicable.

These are:

  • The amount lent to you
  • The length of time the amount is lent to you
  • The interest rate applied to your loan
  • These are the terms you accept when you sign up for any loan with Harmoney. They will disclose these in detail during your discussion as well as any other applicable charges.