Heartland Bank Personal Loans NZ

A rather young bank by national standards, Heartland Bank was founded in 2011 and has grown an impressive portfolio since. They specialise in providing vehicle loans, investments, deposits, finance, and even livestock, making them a good fit for rural farmers and livestock traders. Heartland Bank personal loans in NZ is a good choice for people involved in this industry.

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heartland bank personal loans nz

Why Choose Heartland Bank Personal Loans NZ?

For people in rural areas, Heartland Bank is a specialist that can help with their specific needs. They provide financial assistance and products for people involved in farming and animal husbandry industries specifically; a niche few providers have done before.

Their interest rates are variable and they can be high or low depending on your personal circumstances or the factors at play. It could range from 9.75% at the lowest end and up to 29.95% at the highest. These factors would depend on your income, financial commitments, and of course, the amount you wish to borrow.

Types of Heartland Bank Personal Loans in NZ

Unsecured Personal Loans

Get a personal loan without the need for an asset to use as collateral. Secure funding for your needs in just a few easy steps with Heartland’s Unsecured Personal Loans.

Car Loans

Can’t wait to get your new ride in NZ? Try out Heartland Bank’s Car loans today. You can use it to buy a new vehicle or even to repair an old vehicle that might need some serious maintenance work. Heartland’s interest rates are around 8.95% for car loans, helping you get back on track faster.

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If ever you find yourself unable to make your payments on time due to unexpected incidents, you may be able to ask to vary the terms of your agreement via a Hardship Variation. You simply need to:

  • Make an application in writing
  • Explain your reasons for seeking a Hardship Variation
  • Request one of the following:
    • An extension of your terms of agreement which could reduce the Payment Amount due on each date while increasing the number of payments made
    • Postponement of certain payment dates
    • Both of the above
  • Submit the application to Heartland

There’s no exact word on the website on whether you can use Heartland personal loans for debt consolidation.