Kiwibank Personal Loans NZ

Kiwibank aims for ambitious goals for New Zealand, helping Kiwis reach their financial goals faster, while ensuring that every profit they make from their services goes back to the country. Kiwibank Personal Loans in NZ offer ideal options for people looking to make a big purchase, or consolidate their existing debts.

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Personal Loan Calculator
kiwibank personal loans nz

Why Choose Kiwibank Personal Loans NZ?

Kiwibank Personal Loans are very transparent with their interest rates, allowing you to know in advance how much you can expect to pay later on. They also allow you to make early repayments without any penalties.

To get an idea of how much your repayments will be, you can always try using Kiwibank Personal Loans Calculator.

What can I do with Kiwibank Personal Loans in NZ?

Kiwibank Debt Consolidation Loans

Struggling to pay and keep track of multiple loans you have taken out in the past? Try Kiwibank’s debt consolidation options. Kiwibank can help by rolling those multiple debts into one loan with structured repayments, saving you the hassle of keeping track of them all.

Kiwibank Car Loans

Looking to purchase a vehicle that costs over $6,000? You can borrow Kiwibank Car Loans in order to add to your existing finances. This will allow you to secure less interest rates in the long run, though this does mean Kiwibank can take your vehicle if you default. However, your interest rates will remain fixed and you can make additional repayments to pay off your loans faster.

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Take note of the following fees and rates when you decide to borrow from Kiwibank personal loans:

  • $240 Establishment Fee for personal loans; $0 for Graduate Pack customers
  • $35 late payment fee for every late payment
  • Around $1.50 payment handling fee when making a loan payment in cash at your local PostShop

You need to be at least 18 years old and a resident of NZ with a regular, stable income. Kiwibank will perform a credit check as part of the application process so keep this in mind when you choose to apply for a personal loan

Kiwibank personal loan payments typically range from six months to seven years. This allows borrowers some flexibility over how they prefer their payments to be.