QuickCash Finance Personal Loans NZ

Established in 1998 as a family finance company in New Zealand, QuickCash has grown to be a very reliable and responsible company who takes pride in their customer service which is both approachable, friendly, and ethical. QuickCash Finance personal loans in NZ provides consistent interest rates that makes repayments very easy and affordable!

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quickcash finance personal loans nz

Why Choose QuickCash Finance Personal Loans NZ?

From their name, QuickCash Finance offers quick turnaround times when you’re applying for a loan. Transferring the funds to your account can be done within 25 minutes. This makes them handy for emergencies, especially when you find yourself lacking the cash for a sudden appointment or purchase.

Apply Online!

No need to take a trip to the bank or even printers or scanners! Application is done 100% online! Just keep in mind the information you’ll need to accomplish your application:

  • The amount you need
  • The length of time you need to pay your loan back
  • The expected date of your first repayment
  • Your address
  • For who the loan is--whether it’s for you or for another person

What are the types of QuickCash Finance Personal Loan in NZ?

Emergency Loans

For unexpected incidents and emergencies, you can easily rely on QuickCash Finance to provide you the funds you need. Low interest rates ensure that you won’t have any difficulty in paying back those loans.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your loans and your bills to simplify your repayments. This helps save you time and effort, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

Car Loans

Ready to buy your first set of wheels? QuickCash Finance will give you the option to choose either a secured or unsecured personal loan, depending on which option is more convenient for you. They can offer you up to $500 for their unsecured loan and up to $1,000 for a secured loan along with another vehicle registered as collateral.

Home Renovation Loans

Need to fix or freshen up your home while working under a budget? Simply avail of a QuickCash Personal Loan to eliminate the long wait and get started on your project faster!

Holiday Loans

Embark on your dream vacation with the help of a convenient holiday loan from QuickCash Finance! Whether you’ll be going on an international trip or a domestic one, QuickCash can help you get approved fast in less than an hour!

Small Business Loans

Ready to start your next venture? Get the initial capital you need with the help of QuickCash Finance. Get loans that are tailored to helping you find the funding you need in difficult times.

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Keep in mind these fees when you apply for QuickCash Finance:

  • Establishment Fees ranging from $175 to $359 depending on the amount you borrow
  • Cancellation fee of $175
  • Caveat Fee of $212 when the loan is secured by a caveat over your property
  • Caveat Withdrawal Fee of $212 which would pay for the withdrawal of the caveat
  • Mortgage Fee - Solicitor Instruction of $60 should the loan be secured by a mortgage over a property

QuickCash often charges an interest rate of 26% p.a.

You can still try to get approved even with bad credit. While QuickCash will be conducting a credit record check, they will also look into other factors such as the amount you’ll be borrowing, the security you’re registering, and your income.