SBS Bank Personal Loans NZ

Having been in banking and finance for over 150 years, SBS bank has continued to offer their financial products that help build good working relationships with their customers. They pride themselves on being more than just a bank. SBS Bank Personal Loans in NZ is here to make it easy in helping you finance your new car, consolidate your loans, or pay off any unexpected bills.

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sbs bank personal loans nz

Why Choose SBS Bank Personal Loans NZ?

It’s very easy to apply for a personal loan with SBS Bank. You can easily get in touch with them through phone, a branch visit, or even via SBS Online for the added convenience. Their process is swift and reliable. Upon asking you for your personal information and details about the purpose of the loan, they’ll immediately inform you of their decision.

Their terms are also very flexible, and they can easily help you plan your repayments so you never miss your deadlines. They can even help you build a schedule that works for your personal situation.

What are the types of SBS Bank Personal Loans in NZ?

Unsecured Personal Loans

Think of this as a quick financing solution whether you’re looking to pay for your child’s tuition fees, embark on a quick holiday getaway, purchase new furniture and appliances or even start renovating your house into something closer to your dream home. With SBS Bank’s unsecured loans, you don’t need to offer any collateral to get an approval. You can expect one in just a few minutes and have the money in your bank account in 24 hours.

Secured Personal Loans

Under a secured personal loan, you can either choose a vehicle loan or a flexible home loan:

  • Vehicle Loans - You can render the car as your security, letting you borrow a larger amount of money while reducing your interest rates. SBS can even provide you with a pre-approval process before you start your search.
  • Flexible Home Loans - Interest rates will be based on floating home loan rates, allowing it to go lower depending on the current market rates. Under this loan, you’ll have to undergo some consultation as well as provide additional documents for the security registration and other processes that may need them. SBS has taken the extra step to make sure this process is easy for you so you don’t have to worry!
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You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly depending on your preferences. As for vehicle loans, you can choose to make a full repayment anytime you want while for home loans, you can spread your repayments over 1-10 years.

This would vary depending on your agreement with SBS Bank. Most of the time, secured personal loans tend to carry an interest rate of 13.85% p.a. You can still discuss this with SBS prior to taking out the loan.

The minimum amount you can borrow is $1,000 while the maximum amount you may borrow is $50,000.